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  1. "Land a station with a mobile lab and room for ten kerbals on the mun."
  2. https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Duna-Express Slap enough radial twin boars on something and you can send anything to the Mun.
  3. I used snacks on my run. I did run into an issue, though, where Kerbals were eating twice as many snacks as expected. It's probably been fixed, but keep an eye on it. I'm also going to declare my run from three years ago (DOMA arigato, Duna!) complete as-is because the computer with the save files is now dead and can't be recovered. I was also experiencing lots of glitching and noodle-ry at the end, it was turning into a real chore when I abandoned it.
  4. The video you mentioned is five years old. It's a bit outdated xD In general as long as thrust + drag is directly in line with CoM your descent should be stable. You can add control with fins and gimbals.
  5. Your audio is very quiet. You may want to bring your mic closer to you or download something like Audacity and run your audio through a normalization to maximize the peaks. Great job, though! Good luck on the next one. Also your first flight was not "failed," it just succeeded a bit less than you wanted ;-)
  6. Y4 D116 - Figured out a workaround for the low fuel situation. SLV-5 Space Truck still had a bit of LFO in its main tanks, not a ton of dV for the behemoth but plenty to fill up the landing capsule and deorbit the Rover Hotel. I was really worried that the descent pair would crater because the Rover didn't have any secondary chutes and could only use the two small engines on bottom, but actually the chutes slowed it down to about 12 m/s just above impact and the engines brought it down to about 9, and I wound up with a lot more fuel than I expected left over. A little rough (about like falling off a one-story building) but very survivable. With a full-featured science lab on Ezekiel and another one on the ground, this completes the Science! objective and brings the number of colonists on the ground to 45. Could have had a couple more but I got careless with the kolonist transfer. And yes, I decided to rename the science rover "Mars Technica".
  7. Grats! You can take screenshots by hitting the f1 key and they'll be in your kerbal space program directory under the Screenshots folder - for example, Program Files / Steam / SteamApps/ Common / Kerbal Space Program / Screenshots. Once you've found the pictures on your PC you can use an image hosting site like imgbb.com to upload the picture and then share the link. Be aware that imgBB.com in particular sometimes tries to embed ads in your image link, but you can strip those out before you post it.
  8. @Death Engineering What's your take on glitched craft? It looks like SLV-7 Boring Rover has a glitch that prevents saving while it's loaded and prevents changing scene to Space Center while it's present. I'm worried my save is starting to get corrupted but I uninstalled Ship Manifest and I'd like to try deleting SLV-7 and relaunching to see if I can fix this. I might be able to roll back a few weeks, but that would represent a couple dozen hours of play time and I don't really want to throw all that away.
  9. If you reboot this just have each entrant test and score at least two prior entries. Take the average of all scores per entry.
  10. I am doing DOMA in career mode (although I started myself with 10 million funds and like 5k science, just because early mission grinding is boring and with the DOMA LKO rules it's a bit problematic to hit munar and minmal science early on). I'm using Snacks! for my life support which is much simpler and easier to handle than other life support mods but still almost got my first wave killed because I am sort of a newbie at this kind of thing. For example... Y4 D106 returned the parachute hopper to orbit and docked to the orbital Rover Hotel, but even with the spare fuel from the hopper it turns out the Rover Hotel only has 89 dV left, which is not enough to deorbit and land safely. So it's stuck there in orbit until Aries refuels and can swing by to give it a push. The hopper has one pillot, reducing the kolonists on Duna by 1.
  11. Y4 Day 100 Decided to name this rover hotel "Bacchus," landed it and docked Aries to it to refuel (it doesn't have an ISRU, unfortunately). With it refueling I think it now counts as a "Backup Plan" -- double checking in VAB it's got a TWR of 1.5 and 1000 dV on the surface of Duna, meaning it should have no trouble getting back to orbit (Full lithium tanks give it another 2000 dV but the average TWR on unicorn drives is so bad that they aren't generally useful contributors to most launch dV), and that means my "Contingency plans" are complete! The longest any kerbal spent from launch to Contingencies Operational was 3 years 60 days so I think I'm good on that front. I also netted an extra 3 million credits from tourists touring already, with more on the way.
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