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  1. Thank you, this is an excellent answer. I really appreciate it!
  2. I would argue that this is a case of "Did not read the manual," and therefore "Scope creep". I didn't actually expect anyone to read my summary ("My question is, assume the tugboat had started its voyage to the Mun with exactly one full tank of Big Orange Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer, as well as the empty LF tanks and the empty adapter tank seen on the drone (which were spent to circularize into LKO. What is the most fuel-efficient combination of Poodle and Nuke to reach the Mun? ") but I was at least hoping people would look at the pretty pictures. I should also note that the tug strikes a happy medium between your solution ("Ditch the nukes, use just the poodle") and the previous solution ("Ditch the poodle and one nuke, use just one nuke for the tug"). I already made that design decision. The tug is in space. I am thinking about re-using this design and sticking a pair of these tugs to drive a large interplanetary craft (four kerbals, two years of hab and food is probably the minimum I can do for a manned mission to Duna). I'm curious about the best way to use a big orange tank of fuel with them.
  3. I was asking, given the station in my first post, how do I best get a result like the pic above? (They made it home safe on a polar orbit. The big orange later detached and circularized to become a polar refueling station, while the hab station de-orbited safely, minus the big yellow monoprop tank exploding halfway down and the other 2.5m parts crumpling on impact). Not sure how you are getting -into- orbit on a Terrier and a nuke, not to mention sitting patiently waiting for a single nuke to impart 600 dv on a 60 ton ship.
  4. On a well-planned mission I certainly could, but in fact your solution would require one additional suborbital stage on the rocket, which already has enough fuel to complete the mission, because I need the TWR of the poodle to even get into orbit. To clarify, I already have a mod that lets me switch fuels in the hangar. I already calculated out my delta-V in the hangar, added dedicated liquid fuel containers and so on. A solution that starts in the hangar doesn't answer my question. Further, an additional reason I want to keep the poodle aside from TWR is that one of my mods changes the way nuclear engines work so they throttle slowly up and down from their maximum output, which makes precision maneuvers (such as an intercept to an erratic lunar orbit) either tedius, difficult if not impossible, or both. The poodle allows me to turn off my high-efficiency, low-precision, low TWR nuclear engines and use a high-precision, high-TWR engine that is instant-on, instant-off. While I could use monoprop, I actually had another mission parameter that the total entity must have at least 1000 monoprop, so although I brought extra I didn't want to rely on it for maneuver nodes (also it turns out the monoprop setup barely squeaks out 0.5 m/s of delta-v per second, so I don't want to sit holding down the 'H' key for ten minutes at a stretch).
  5. Hi all, I'm wondering about this situation: What happened is, I had a traveling science / tourist bus that went to Minmus and the Mun and then ran out of gas. So I sent a rescue tanker full of fuel to tug it to its eventual destiny of a fiery re-entry through Kerbin's upper atmosphere. My question is, assume the tugboat had started its voyage to the Mun with exactly one full tank of Big Orange Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer, as well as the empty LF tanks and the empty adapter tank seen on the drone (which were spent to circularize into LKO. What is the most fuel-efficient combination of Poodle and Nuke to reach the Mun? I ask because it occurs to me that I'm currently lugging probably 10 or 15 tons of oxidizer around with no liquid fuel I can burn with it. Initially I thought, well, the nukes have ISP 800, they are twice as efficient even if I have to haul a bunch of oxidizer around afterwards. But then I noticed my available delta-V was dropping faster than Flight Engineer thought it should, even over the course of a single burn. Now, I'm not the world's best pilot, but even I seldom spend 600 delta-V on a 400-DV munar exit burn. Ideally I'd like to dock the Munpocalypse to my LKO station to transfer all kinds of science readings into the big lab there. However, I'm not sure I have enough delta V to make interception and I'm safer just de-orbiting the Munpocalypse and discarding the redundant science. What do you guys think?
  6. Crewed by Jeb, Val, Bob and three tourists, the Munpocalypse 7.0 is currently in a highly elliptic orbit over the mun (just barely over at periapse...way, way over at apoapse) awaiting refueling after a successful resupply of Snacks (the Snacks mission had to come first, obviously). Their trip to Minmus went more or less according to plan except that this next refueling mission is the fourth refueling mission to their errant station/ship. The active engine is only fueled by the three Oscar Mikes on the very tip of the ship...which are, thankfully, half-full after a successful delivery and probably have a whopping 60 delta-V left! Meanwhile, the science team in low kerbin orbit (well...medium kerbin orbit, 150k to 250k) has been working diligently, feeding and pampering tourists as they are dispatched to various sight-seeing missions and eagerly awaiting the reams upon reams of science data from the late, grossly overbudget Munpocalypse. Pay no attention to the 2.5 gigawatt laser on the nose, it is strictly for scientific purposes and is not intended to lure giant space kittens onto hapless kerbal cities. The redundant power plants are strictly a design oversight. And here we see the Munpocalypse on its deorbit burn. Sharp eyes might notice something that looks suspiciously like the Big Orange Drone from the LKO station being used as a tugboat.
  7. For airplanes you generally want to add 'capslock' (next to the A key on most keyboards) to your "T Z Go" sequence. Will probably get off the ground just fine without.
  8. dire

    Intentionally Crashing a Space Station

    Awesome video @MR L A Thoroughly enjoyed watching it.
  9. dire

    Pimp my Spaceplane

    Finally flew another adapter drone up to the space station and was able to dock to the station with the payload. Those konstruction dockers are a PITA, they don't seem to work with the stock dockers and they're pretty grouchy even when you're trying to dock another konstruction port to them. It was a huge mistake to make my main docking nodes (four of them!) with the konstruction ports. Whuffed the descent. It turned tail first and was doing fine until I decided I still had so much fuel (after topping off the station, which can only hold half an orange tank at the moment) I should try to complete one of those "Get science data from below 16 km" missions I had lying around instead of just landing wherever I fell. As it turns out, one of the nuclear reactors survived. We aren't telling the natives about the other one >.>
  10. dire

    Pimp my Spaceplane

    I need a name for my Spaceplane 4 vessel. Pretty sure I'm only using the USI-Kolonization mod for the supplies in the payload, aside from the payload and the Engineer drive I think the rest is stock. It is suggesting that the spaceplane has about 1600 delta-V once in orbit, which is enough to push its payload into a munar orbit and return. If the payload were a mun lander you could do an apollo-style munar landing, although if, like me, you are not very good at hitting your dV targets the margins might be a little uncomfortably slim. https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Spaceplane-4
  11. dire

    Pimp my Spaceplane

    Working on a version based on your input. I did dedicate the entire science payload of a trip to Minmus on my career to getting the two prereqs for NERV rockets and an actual nucular engine, so the plane is a bit more high-tech than the last one, but now the mission profile is to dock with an orbiting station and onload/offload tourists, then return them to the space center. It can still accomplish the original mission of launching satellites by hooking the satellite onto the docking node in the nose and then covering it with the fairing. Is it still an SSTO if I use a fairing? I think most people say yes but I'm not 100% sure actually.
  12. dire

    Experienced Engineer Needed

    OK this version is visually a lot closer to the canon rocket, but flying it is not for the faint of heart; it has a bad habit of flipping tail-first at the slightest provocation and I'm not really sure how to move its center of drag behind its center of mass. It -can- get to orbit, and it has tons of delta-v (and even oxidizer) left over to do interesting things once it is in orbit, but I'm not going to make any promises about the return back to the Space Center. https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Thunderbird-31
  13. dire

    Experienced Engineer Needed

    https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Thunderbird-3 OK so instead of going with an exact visual replica, I decided to create a vehicle with approximately the size and mission profile of the Thunderbird-3. The nominal size I aimed for was about 500-600 tons on the launchpad with height of 287 feet and width of 83 feet. What I wound up with weighed 765 tons on the launchpad, has a height of 40 meters (130 feet), a width of between 17 and 19 meters (56 to 63 feet). Regarding the visual profile, I should move some tanks from below the bulb to above the bulb in order to give the right sort of visual profile, but I was having trouble finding the right parts to mate with a 2.5 meter quad-coupler. The mission profile calls for chemical rockets to reach orbit as well as a large nuclear reactor powering ion thrusters for travel outside the atmosphere. Looking at the design of the craft, the radiator fins mark where the reactor is. The large bulb below that has to be chemical rocket fuel and/or cooling water for the reactor (if it has a SCRAM while landed, it'll drop into a water bath to try and cool it long enough for an emergency team to react, which depending on the rocket fuel that can serve double duty). The small side engines have some sort of feeding system from the reactor, so those are probably the ion engines getting fed particles and power from the reactor. The bottom of the bulb is the most logical place for the chemical stage since that's where the fuel should be, but I don't see chemical engines there. What I wound up with is NERV engines under the bulb (and you can tinker with it to make it more bulb-shaped if you like), and chemical rocket pylons with structural reinforcement instead of feeding tubes connecting them to the main body. The rocket is ISRU-capable, but you probably want to try that on Minmus instead of the Mun, and make sure you bring enough snacks for the process. If you make the bulb wider and fatter you can make the pylons smaller since they'll feed from it, but I was getting tired of trying to find the right adapters, so good luck. You can also move tankage from the pylons into the main rocket above the bulb to help give the right visual ratios, I was more interested in getting it into space but there's definitely a lot of room for improvement on the aesthetic. The mods on the rocket are Engineer (for delta-v numbers), a reactor from USI Kolonization (UKS / MKS), probably a snack tin from Snacks somewhere, and Near Future Launch Vehicles, which I think is just for the fuel tanks in the bulb portion of the ship. Trying to fix the feature ratios of the ship but it's running into classic Tall Ship Syndrome. Still working on it, probably just needs more struts and boosters.
  14. dire

    Experienced Engineer Needed

    If you really want a Thunderbird-3 the fan wiki says it's got a takeoff weight in the range of 500-600 tons and is powered by a massive nuclear reactor (those fins are supposed to be radiators). It's supposed to have chemical suborbital boosters, then is powered by ion drives (powered by the nuka-cola I assume). The wiki also says it's only 200 feet tall, though, and I feel like that is too short for its nominal mass.
  15. dire

    Experienced Engineer Needed

    Step 1, add a first stage booster. A trio of Thumpers or a 2.5 meter center stack are going to get you to an elevation where your upper stage can do some good. You don't have to worry about the thumpers altering your profile because you'll be jettisoning them shortly after launch. Step 2, if you are still short of orbit, add moar boosters. Just to be perfectly clear, these thumpers should be below the current rocket and attached via decouplers. You activate them on the launch pad and jettison them when they are out of fuel.