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  1. dire

    DOMA Arigato, Duna!

    Decided running the prospector up and down was too inefficient and taking just way too much effort, so I put the whole vessel down on Minmus. Now I just have to figure out how to get it back off-planet again. Am thinking I should probably cannibalize the Prospector. Maybe just pull the engine columns off and stick them on Rover Hotel, dock the rest somewhere and reassemble it once I get back in orbit for one final fuel run if needed. Y2 D404 - Refueling on Minmus completed and I've arranged the prospector's engines around the base of Rover Hotel in what I hope is pretty close to symmetrical around the center of mass, but I'm going to be very glad the Hemi-Cuda engines have lots of gimbal. KER says I have 4000 dV in this configuration (I should have more like 6000 once I bring my main engines online, but we'll see). KER also says I have a 5.6 TWR and a top acceleration of 2.6 m/s, but I think the plasma engines are confusing it again. I -probably- have enough thrust to get off the ground, as a pair of sparks was enough to get me landed and I only weigh about twice as much now. Original launch mass of this vessel: three 31-ton NPM's (NPM 3, 4 and 5), so just a hair under 93 tons NPM. Current tonnage: 196.2 tons. So I more than doubled my mass by launching almost-dry tanks instead of full wet tanks. And it's looking like the ship will at have plenty of delta-V to get to Duna even after NPM 6 joins it, which will be excellent. Next step: liftoff!
  2. dire

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    It's snack tankage for 39 kerbals, plus hab space for about 62-ish (31 long-term) Once I stick NPM 6 on the end it should roughly balance out, I hope. And then it's all going to Duna. Assuming I can figure out how to get it off Minmus when it's fully loaded; I landed it empty on a pair of sparks at 1.07 TWR. Notice the main engines are on top, pointing down >.> So more like an interplanetary tenement. There will be more details about the ship over in my mission report, and there's some better pictures there where you can see more specifically how it's put together:
  3. dire

    landing on minmus

    You are totally right, I had to reload my landing and try a second time on the big one in this image because it turns out, even though the parts i landed on are rated for a 45 m/s impact they just split apart and explode anyway!!!1 15 meters per second was totally doable, though. Landed the big tower on a pair of sparks (the 0.1 mass engine) at 1.07 TWR. And yes, it bounced several times (7 m/s, 3 m/s, 1 m/s....) but luckily it's pretty SASsy when its tanks are completely empty (those green rings are 39,000 Snacks! that I need to grow on Minmus, not to mention I completely drained the fuel tanks landing it...)
  4. If you want to post your craft file I can take a look at it and give you a more definite thumbs-up or thumbs-down, or if you prefer you can try this ship out, which very definitely has enough dV for Ike and back. https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Duna-Express
  5. dire

    Santa's Little Helper

    @ManEatingApe I'll start it off with 89,132 of gifts, plus Planes, Trains and Automobiles. https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Merry-Christmas The tricky part was landing within 2.3 km of the probe so it wouldn't vanish, and then turning around and driving to its LZ to watch it come down.
  6. dire

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Good luck! My advice is see what the plot looks like after a rain. If it turns into a swamp you will have problems.
  7. Hey, great question! So, you'll need about 3500 dV for Kerbin ascent, ~1000 (roughly) for Duna transfer, between 0 and 900 to circularize on Duna, between 0 and 900 to land on Duna, about 2000 to return to LDO, and around 500 to return to kerbin. Then you'll need between 0 and 1000 to circularize and between 0 and 500 to land on Kerbin. So far, just for a Duna round trip, we're at 3500 + 1000 + 900+900+2000+500+1000 = 9800 dV to get back to LKO. Obviously, it depends a lot on how you fly, how much you aerobrake, and how much you spend on docking maneuvers, but I did include a fair bit of margin for error. So, Duna would be questionable. You probably would make it down to Duna, but you might get lost in space on the way home. Ike on the other hand is another matter. Instead of 2900 for a down-and-up on Ike you need closer to about 600 or 800 I think. So if you skip Duna and just do flags and footprints on Ike you should have plenty of delta-V left over. My advice is to try adding a top-most stage with a heat shield, and find out whether the heat shield (with half ablator) costs you at least 900 delta-V. If it does, don't bring it and do a powered circularization on your Kerbin return trip with only very slight aerobraking. If it doesn't cost at least 900 delta-V, you should bring a heat shield and use aerobraking to capture on Kerbin.
  8. dire

    DOMA Arigato, Duna!

    Y2, D358 Standard Launch Vehicle 5 launched Space Truck 2, which has docked with all the other stuff in LKO and wandered off to Minmus for fuel and snacks. Two weeks later the Prospector is now drilling its second refueling load and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to reassemble all this stuff in orbit so I can get all this stuff, plus another Rover Hotel, over to Duna without everything acting like a wet noodle when I start pushing. Also discovered a new way to make a transfer, where I push my apoapsis above my current apo and can then make a transfer potentially a little bit faster than with a hohman orbit, but the planets are still not quite aligned for the Artemis to get home without either spending massive amounts of fuel that I'm not confident she has, or spending massive amounts of time in transit which I am sure she doesn't have. I could leave right now if I left the rescue mission and a crew member behind on Ezekiel, but my transit time would be about a year and I have no idea if I'd even be able to deorbit and circularize when the Artemis arrived at Kerbin. So I plan to wait about three months and refuel the Artemis's snack supply before she leaves Duna.
  9. dire


    Did you try to do the rendezvous with the big ship, or with the little ship in its cargo bay? It's an apollo-style craft: the big ship picks an orbit and parks it, and then the little craft goes off and does stuff. I can believe you lost 4000 dV trying to rescue an astronaut in space, because I did something similar once, but you probably don't even need 400 dV in the little craft to complete your mission. The big ship only has about 6000 dV total, including launch to LKO, which is "enough" if you are reasonably efficient, but not a ton of margin for error. Hence the little ship. The nominal delta-V for the rescue should be something like this: 3400-3500 dV to orbit, 1000 dV to Duna, 500 dV to circularize with aerobraking around Duna, 500 dV to return to Kerbin, and then a margin of 500 dV to play around with. And then the lander has 4000 delta-V, which is about 900 to land, 1500 to take off and 1600 to do docking and maneuvers. And you don't need to land or take off with it. You can control the lander remotely by opening the big direct link antenna in the big ship's cargo bay, then activating the two relay antennas on the sides of the craft to establish a comlink to Kerbin. It needs to stay in line of sight, but that isn't usually a problem for landing, I've found; it's more an issue for taking off but on takeoff you'll be piloted xD Sometimes KER lies to me about the delta-V though, and I only tested takeoff and landing with the craft, so I should probably check that it actually can get to Duna and back. I'm not playing stock right now and sending a Kerbal to Duna would be problematic for me in my current save with a stock craft because they would eat all their Snacks and then starve to death. Which would not make a good rescue.
  10. Hey all, I started trying to figure out what a good way would be to bake all those fidgety, n-symmetry radial parts into the craft files to improve performance on large crafts and possibly reduce wobble and phantom forces. At a minimum, I think four FLT-100 engines in a stack should have similar structural properties to one FLT-400 and it should be possible to traverse the part tree and merge adjacent, identical tanks in the craft file in a baking process. The difficult part is how would you merge four child nodes of the same parent so that they retain the same game functionality of the separate four parts but are processed as a unit for the physics model? And I feel like radial barometers should do this but wings should not, or at least they should be processed in a way that you can still lose one wing of a pair and paired control surfaces still need to provide pitch, yaw and roll control. I've noticed that my computer, which is a modern laptop with a dedicated graphics card and a quad core CPU with turbo up to 3.4 ghz (or so it says) starts chugging if I get more than about 50 parts on-screen. In general for me, a yellow timer (gametime is slowed) is just a fact of life even at 1x acceleration, and for larger rockets with above 200 parts my game starts edging towards the slideshow zone. I try to avoid more than 250 parts on screen simply because I start worrying that my computer is starting to overheat and literally burn out chunks of hardware trying to process everything. Not bad for a game that is starting to show its age, but I'd rather not be burning my hardware on the altar of the Kraken in order to explore Duna. So I'm going to just throw an open-ended question out there: What sort of performance enhancements would you want to see in KSP so you can build bigger, better, faster rockets that don't get bogged down quite so much?
  11. If your mission profile will allow it, you're going to want to cut down on your engines to just one wheezely, which should still be plenty of thrust for that much plane but reduces the burden on the landing gear. Also don't forget to throttle down on landing. You should be able to land on between 0 and 15% engine power. Protip: If your plane starts acting crazy and doesn't want to steer straight when you're taking off, your wheels are overburdened and are more likely to explode when you land. Less of an issue with spaceplanes because they tend to burn so much fuel that they are many tons lighter on touchdown, but your plane is mostly engine and payload and very little fuel, so your takeoff weight is almost the same as your landing weight. You'll also want to get in the habit of thinking about where your fuel is relative to center of mass, and try to keep your full and empty CoM at about the same spot. That's only important if your CoM slips behind your center of lift because your plane will then not want to fly straight, which again is more of a factor with spaceplanes whose CoM can potentially shift quite a bit thanks to all the fuel they burn. I made a little mark-1 plane for you so you can practice landing and have something to go fast, and if you do give up you should be able to make a powered parachute landing: https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Mark-1-Mach-1 The plane has a couple of more advanced spaceplane features that you can explore as well: the rear wheels are doubled up and you've got a small amount of oxidizer to let you hit some of the lower "altitude above" contracts -- probably can't get "suborbital tourist" in this one unless you want to start playing with SRB payloads, and there isn't really a small, thin SRB that would make a good spaceplane booster unless you want to tinker with the sounding rocket mod. If you don't have sparks yet, you should definitely consider them as they're very handy for early-career science missions and remain good later for return vessels and landers. I'll also say you're right and those lander legs DO seem to be made of explodium, but if you pack spares it's not too big an issue If you get frustrated, try again when you can use the small folding wheels.
  12. @Angel-125I don't think the Trinity nuclear reactor is warming up to temp, I had an issue where it wouldn't go above around 7% load on this craft, which has tons of active cooling (it's basically 3 ships that each have their own nuclear reactor, their own cooling systems and so on, and the trinity is supposed to be the main engine). Added the following to MM_trinity.cfg and it seems to be working better now -- at 24% efficiency instead of 7%, at least. On the other hand I now get that annoying ISRU behavior where the radiators get hot during timewarp and it's turned them all pink. I need the electricity to make this ship work, though, the other half of my dV is plasma ion drives. MODULE { name = ModuleOverheatDisplay } MODULE { name = ModuleCoreHeat CoreTempGoal = 1000 //Internal temp goal - we don't transfer till we hit this point CoreToPartRatio = 0.1 //Scale back cooling if the part is this % of core temp CoreTempGoalAdjustment = 0 //Dynamic goal adjustment CoreEnergyMultiplier = 0.1 //What percentage of our core energy do we transfer to the part HeatRadiantMultiplier = 0.05 //If the core is hotter, how much heat radiates? CoolingRadiantMultiplier = 0 //If the core is colder, how much radiates? HeatTransferMultiplier = 0 //If the part is hotter, how much heat transfers in? CoolantTransferMultiplier = 0.01 //If the part is colder, how much of our energy can we transfer? radiatorCoolingFactor = 1 //How much energy we pull from core with an active radiator? >= 1 radiatorHeatingFactor = 0.01 //How much energy we push to the active radiator MaxCalculationWarp = 1000 //Based on how dramatic the changes are, this is the max rate of change CoreShutdownTemp = 4000 //At what core temperature do we shut down all generators on this part? MaxCoolant = 400 //Maximum amount of radiator capacity we can consume - 50 = 1 small }
  13. dire

    SSTOs! Post your pictures here~

    Made a powerful little pizza delivery SSTO designed to deliver Snacks to my LKO station. Can probably fill other missions with a little work, but it's mostly intended to just get up, drop the food off and get down with a minimum of effort. This is a piloted craft; the payload has a probe core but the ship does not (easy to fix, and kinda dumb, but I like having a pilot in my craft because I play with plasma blackout and that makes drone reentry a little problematic sometimes). https://kerbalx.com/direstorm/Pizza-Express