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  1. 7/27/13 UPDATE [0.211]

    I just went from scratch on it.

    -Added reaction wheel


    -More RCS. Because who wants to run out.

    -Weight is 2.32 wet, 1.68 dry









    About the lander:

    [1] toggles solar panels. I hid a couple RTG's on board so you kind of don't need them.

    [2] toggles the aerospikes, turn the off for more ISP or on when you need high thrust.

    Feel free to modify but careful not to mess with leg height, right now it's set perfectly for rover to re-dock and resupply the RCS fuel.

    It's not exactly minimalist, theres more weight and fuel than it needs for mun. I have not tried Duna yet but that's my intention with all the chutes and stuff. Still need to do d/v tweaks, this was mostly slapped together to play on mun quickly. Good luck!

    5/26/13 UPDATE


    -changed most of the panels to the non-deployable type. these have higher output per weight and don't bust off.

    -deleted an RTG and re-added the science dish. overall is more dependent on solar and there's more of it.

    -can go 100% on the ion and 100% on wheels if in daylight on kerbin. should still be quite capable on distant moons.

    -keeping the new wheels still for now. They work well as long as NO DRIFTING. I'm holding out hope they tweak them in next update.

    -raised the height a little so that docking port provides more rollover crash protection. Simple lightweight fix on that one.

    -fixed a wheelbase error

    I just updated the d/l file, it should still work for you. overall weight is same, just under 2t.

    5/24/13 UPDATE

    New version, the isplore2.5e:






    -The seat! This provided substantially reduced weight

    -New wheels! They are tougher, weigh less, more traction, and seem more stable at speed. WIN.

    -Even more reduced weight!

    -Extended the wheelbase even wider by a little bit. It's also much shorter, easier to tuck under a lander.

    -More solar power for the ion downforce maker. In broad daylight on Kerbin at can go full power.

    -Kept the RCS and Avionics as they have proven invaluable during offroad adventures on remote lower-gravity planets and moons.


    1.94 t

    RCS ~450m/s

    ion ~1450m/s (1hr 36m)


    1- turns on science bits

    2- ladder

    3- high speed mode (no rear steering for stability, no front motors for lower power draw)

    4- toggle solar panels and ion space spoiler.

    *Surface speed for solars in atmosphere is ~10m/s max. Very easy to bust these off. But any planet with atmosphere has enough gravity for ion to be useless! So this should be a non-issue.

    *While it is very difficult to flip this thing, I should mention that during testing I've noticed that failure to keep it shiny side up is bad. Previously the extra lander legs provided good rollover protection, I am opting for reduced weight instead.

    Craft file (STOCK):

    The isplore3 is discontinued, the seat works well enough to not need a command pod for this type of vehicle.

    The non-e version is also discontinued. Because it's lightweight enough I am happy to leave the ion on there so no matter where i go the feature is there if I need it.

    I'm working on a manned lander to accompany this.

    Also from new on I will only be sharing stock versions of the files, so you will have to slap the MJ and GPS on yourself. This last update sent a lot of our favorite mods into a tizzy.

    (in the screenshots I put MJ on the bottom of the rover)



    I basically just re-wrote this entire first post instead of starting a new thread. In case the responses seem odd.



    It's a basic probe rover. I wanted something faster and more capable at high speed than the "micro" scale probe rovers but still lightweight.

    It features full science loadout and a ladder "seat" cockpit if a kerbal needs a lift. Lightweight and log COG makes it nearly impossible to flip under it's own power. RCS or hills can get it going to 60m/s and it runs stable. Aviation SAS helps if you seem to be catching lots of air. RCS system helps keep you out of trouble, especially on low grav planets.

    Built so that you can drag it off the command probe and add to a dock port on your launch vehicle.

    I have 4 versions of the isplore rover for you:

    isplore2.2: updated rover with a few tweaks

    isplore2.2e: packs an ion engine for continuous downforce

    isplore3: contains a proper command pod for kerbal to ride inside

    isplore3e: the isplore3 with ion for downforce

    all versions come with skycrane attachment, parachute is on the skycrane. the 2.2 also has launcher which you can use for unmanned missions. or not.

    all versions compliant with subassembly mod, the primary pod is "extra" so you can drag the craft off onto your other stuff.



    update from original isplore 2 mainly: more power! can run continuously now. Still might have to disable 2 of the 4 motors depending on sun.


    1- turns on the science and opens dish.

    2- deploys ladder and opens the crash cage for driver to hop in. top 2 legs seem to be timed different, you may have to manually close them on the driver's head, they keep him tucked in.

    3- high gear. toggles off steering on rear wheels, and motor power for front wheels. Powering all 4 helps with accel but does nothing for top speed, and I skimped on RTG because of weight. Only powering 2 wheels there's plenty of juice.



    Added ion engine to provide continuous downforce to assist low-grav driving. Because derping around on Bop was painful.

    This variant is slightly heavy towards the rear, nothing pod torque can't handle though.

    (4) will toggle the 3 extra solar panels and ion engine. Testing on Kerbin I was able to go >50% throttle on the ion and keep it juiced, also the panels didn't fly off even when turning at 40m/s. (used RCS afterburner to test). Hitting the airstrip like a stunt ramp bounced em off tho.

    I will get it tested on minimus tomorrow. I expect normal driving in no atmosphere should be no issue.




    Because I wanted a proper command pod for the kerbal pilot. This variant weighs about 1t more.

    The weight is still centered and low. Wheelbase is extended a little, still very stable.

    The skycrane is 2 side-mounted parts, keeping low COG so that it drives very well with it still attached.


    2- turns on the science and opens dish.

    3- high gear. toggles off steering on rear wheels, and motor power for front wheels. Powering all 4 helps with accel but does nothing for top speed, and I skimped on RTG because of weight. Only powering 2 wheels there's plenty of juice.



    You guessed it, the isplore3 with extra downforce engine!

    4 toggles ion engine and deployable panels.

    3.19t w/ skycrane 1.28TWR 1106m/s

    xenon 2633m/s (3hr 12min)
    3.89t w/ skyscrane 1.05TWR 874m/s

    5.75t w/ skycrane. 1.42TWR 1257m/s

    3.33 t
    xenon 1777m/s (3hr 12min)
    6.27 t w/ skycrane. 1.3 TWR 1131m/s

    original isplore craft file (contains mods):

    isplore2.2 (with mods mechjeb 2.0, protractor, kethane):

    isplore2.2 (STOCK):

    isplore2.2e (mods):

    isplore2.2e (STOCK):

    isplore3 (STOCK):

    isplore3e (STOCK):

    edit: changed prefix because I am providing 100% stock versions of all craft files.