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  1. So, after adding aviation lights to the KAS config to make them grabbable and all the wonderful fun i've had with them since.. I have to ask. Is there any harm in just adding parts to popular mods to this file? Things that seem like they should fit, such as the MJ AR202 case, protractor, engineer, aviation lights.. maybe the small kethane scanner. stuff like that. we could vote on them or something, don't need to clutter it up too bad but the popular ones would be handy.

    Would errors happen if a part is listed there but someone doesn't have that mod installed?

  2. Try asking fractal of interstellar mod fame. A lot of his stuff remains persistent.

    Can you add the ability for a kerbal on EVA to activate the lights?



    I added your lights to the KAS config to pack them along in the crates. I intended to set up multiple solar field lights where each one would be a strut (or the box) with a battery, solar, and light slapped on it. unfortunately this plan did not work, without a probe/pod control on board the light could not be turned on!

    oh well at least it's enough of a mess to look like a science outpost. :P

  3. there's an enhanced navball mod which is pretty good. if you can convince him showing a point perpendicular to the surface slope is a good idea he may add it without much trouble. or even just a readout off to the side indicating 3.5º or whatever the slope directly beneath you is.

    could even me a separate mod sonar type part? not sure if a part is justified over one little reading. i wonder if MJ already has it on the surface readout window? don't remember and I'm at work..

  4. Ah yeah I agree with Sean. Cupola having less than the Mk2 lander can though? maybe give them both 40.. and the mk2 pod only 20. :)

    Good call on the hitchhiker can.

    Maybe some of the larger unmanned probes could have space too. As useless as that sounds, there ought to be some unused space in those bigger 2. You never know what sort of repair missions might be done though.

    Also I've had GUI issues too, especially if you pile a large variety of things into the bin. A scroll window may be better than an expanding one. It also took me a while to realize how to close the window! Accidentally clicking the bins in VAB was annoying until I had that figured out. An x in the corner or a close button would be cool tho.

  5. I like the idea of the pods having some storage, but I feel like those numbers are a little on the high side. Like it should just be a few spare parts like backup solar panels or connector ports or whatever. Just looking at the size of things.. the Mk1 pod should be lucky to have space for an extra parachute. Most parts like that can be stored on the outside and peeled off if needed if avoiding bin parts though.

    Any sort of planned operation where you bring stuff to deploy should have to use the bins. Because, well that's what they are for. And they look awesome.

    So that's my $0.02. Less storage on the pods. Or leave it alone but make the bins store more.

    Have you considered making an inline stack part as a bin? this way the added weight would be centered. It could also store quite a bit but wouldn't be removable.

  6. My low tech lander:


    Next rev, after decided on only 1 of each science part and lots of transmission capability:



    mental note: fold up solar panels before ejecting off side-mounted fuel tanks!


    good thing I had a few backups.

    This thing is a solid trooper though. The duna landing was a bit hard at over 12m/s but the new legs are great, the thing just planted. Did lots of science, made it back home with fuel to spare!