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  1. Thanks! That must be it. First time in playing Career in a long while! Usually science.
  2. I can't transfer between two tanks. I have reinstalled the game without mods, the tanks are linked to one another without a heatshield or anything in between. I have selected and unselected "resource transfer obeys crossfeed rules" No luck. Anything else I can try?!
  3. I am useless at docking. Most of the time i end up slamming into the target. I have only managed it once. It was a very stressful experience. Recently, I decided to start using Mechjeb for docking. Here is my first Munar station built with Mechjeb. And here's my first Kerbin station built with Mechjeb.
  4. Hi, Have been playing for a few weeks. I have a few Munar and Minmian landings. However, i can't for the life of me dock. I have managed it once out of twenty attempts and i'm sure it was a fluke. I can get within 20m but cannot close the deal. I dont use mechjeb. Any tips or even a mod to just make docking go easier (i want proper space stations dammit).