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  1. I landed a spaceplane with 6 tonnes of cargo on Tylo while you nonsense do
  2. to shoot Cargoplane video is very lazily, but I'll try
  3. I sure, that you have confused me with the user TAL, because i hadn't show my rocket-ssto here (it's too ugly). If you want to download his craft to test and do not have an aversion to foreign languages, go to this website.
  4. I made another series of stupid videos, a more appropriate place on the forum than my own scrapyard I dont found
  5. This is the lander for Eve. It weighs 12 tons for a full set and can get into orbit from 4km height. This is Cargoplane 18 - 50meters ed. =), It can take four such and still have space and payload capacity for trinkets
  6. My Duna/Ike exploration in career. Very effective and realistic approach to business. Because there is no need to allocate 2 million of cash for it
  7. Oh, man, where have you been before. I reassembled it from scratch three times and each put the fuel pipes through MK3. Thanks!
  8. 7860 m/s. Well... Hold on, Eeloo! Antaeus overheats terribly when approaching Minmus. It's hard to say what exactly the problem is.
  9. CargoPlane 18 Antaeus 2X Has a huge cargo Bay and can carry up to 50 tons anywhere! But It's still too small for my base at Laythe)
  10. (30.09) UPD 5. Added 4 crafts. Especially for me you was made Bug-Sport!I have many new crafts and ideas for them, so a major update is not far off
  11. At that moment It`s the lightest ISRU SSTO. it weighs 23 tons at the start.
  12. SSTO for deep space navigation:) Has 6706.7 DeltaV and can visit such planets as Dres or Laythe or Bop/Pol
  13. I tested the heat tolerance of my new plane but it turned into a circumnavigation
  14. 3.35 km of the Delta without using of nuclear or ion engine
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