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  1. I've rebuilt XF with RT 1.6.9. for 1.0.5. EDIT: removed the link because I found out it causes a claw bug! Please be careful it won't break your savegames.
  2. I did a quick merge and rebuild.
  3. Voila, rebuild of RemoteTech v1.6.4:
  4. I'm using it in my KSP 1.0.2 and it works fine. All the features that work in vanilla work here as well.
  5. I synced the build with RemoteTech release candidate 1.6.4 version. This includes a bugfix, which they made for the overlay texts. This will probably the same as release, but I'll probably sync it again, when they make a release for 1.0.2.
  6. With the vanilla develop pre-release build 336 it's working. I've forked that build and updated it with XF changes. Here's the link to my build:
  7. Just found about this version of RT and I think is AWESOME! I rebuild the solution with the latest KSP 1.0 assemblies and it works fine for me (with old version of vanilla RemoteTech). This is a quick fix, I never touched any mod before, so original devs will have to look at it, since some callbacks aren't handled correctly. Here is the link to the dll I built: Backup original RemoteTech.dll in GameData/RemoteTech and override it with this. EDIT: I did more tests and it only works for control, not transmitting science data.
  8. SCAnsat 10.0 is mostly compatible. Parts work, Big map has problems. Probably needs update to tech tree.
  9. I've tested it in sandbox mode. Parts are working OK. Big map is buggy. Probably needs an update of the tech tree integration and new resources support.
  10. Ok I found the problem. I have a relay sat in KSO with two KR-14. Target on one was set to Duna and the other to Active vessel. I disabled the one with 'Active vessel' and it works fine. But shouldn't the one with the 'Duna' target setting still keep the connection?
  11. Hi all! I must first say this is an awesome mod! I'm having some problems with connecting two ships using Communotron 32 antennas. I have an orbiter in orbit around Duna with a stable connection to KSC with Reflectron KR-14. I also have a lander attached to it. Both the orbiter and the lander have an active and powered Communotron 32 antenna. But when I decouple the lander, there is no connection to the orbiter (and thus to KSC). Did I miss something?