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  1. I have done everything, used opengl, dxd11, compressed the textures, set the physics bar to far right, used the x64 workaround, nothing works. FPS is as low as 10-20 in all situations. Please, for the love of Jebediah can anyone help me? I can run a fully S.T.E.P. modded Skyrim at 45-50fps with ENB, GTA V at 50-60 fps constant but KSP makes me wanna punch the monitor! I have been playing since 0.23 and never had such FPS issues but post 0.90 it has gotten from bad to worse. The only time I can see a stable 60 fps is if I fly a 5 part ship. It's driving me nuts! So please just tell me it's unit
  2. First I'd like to thank you for your work, KAS gives another layer of gameplay that to my mind should have existed in the first place. Keep up the good work! I am having an issue with KAS and USI mods (namely: MKS/OKS and Exploration Pack). I am landed on Duna and the parts from the aforementioned mods explode on 'drop'. I posted it on the MKS/OKS site and I was told it is a KAS issue so I am posting it here also. I apologise if it is already known I checked the github issues area and could not find it. I would very much appreciate it if you could look into this. KAS and MKS/OKS are such good
  3. Apparently, I had an issue with the sci parts in Dmagic's mod not showing in US format after both have been updated to support 0.25 and it fixed itself with 2.5.1 Module Manager. Just a heads up. Thank you very much for this great mod.
  4. Never mind I fixed it, apparently it needed the updated 2.5.1 Module Manager to work. Thanks for a great sci mod!
  5. I must be doing something wrong. I installed this alongside US and the sci parts for US are not showing. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?
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