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  1. You can actually hold Left Mouse Button when on EVA to rotate your Kerbal. He'll spin in whatever direction/plane you want. When the cockpit door is facing down, it can be a little tricky to get him to board. Get below your ship, and use SHIFT to start him moving slowly upward. Then hold Left Mouse Button and orient him so he's facing up at the door. If you do it right, he'll face the door as he ascends and can grab on without tumbling away.
  2. I did some testing last night with different parachute multipliers. I was still having the problem with the multiplier set at 1e-05 (0.00001). I tried a fresh DRE install, no other mods, and still had this problem. They seem to cut if the shockwave is greater than 0 (e.g., 1 or 2 C), which seems to occur between 200 and 300 m/s. It's easy to recover only the capsule by waiting for atmospheric braking to slow you down below this speed, but I haven't been able to recover a larger rocket stage because it can't drop below the threshold speed before impacting. Also, it appears more noticeable in FAR (I assume because the air drag is modeled differently, causing less braking for dart-like rockets). FAR also changes the default parachute temp multiplier to 0.25, but the problem still existed. Thanks for looking into this!
  3. I can confirm I have this issue too. If the speed is above 200 m/s, the parachutes are instantly cut (with no heating of the parachutes displayed). I had parachutes cut at 700 feet above sea level at 300m/s. The second time, they were cut as my rocket hit an apex at 15,000 feet, I deployed parachutes, and the ship accelerated downward from 0 m/s to 1,000 m/s. The parachutes cut when the speed crossed around 200 m/s. I don't think either of these would be a heating issue given the low speed, but I could be wrong. Hope there is a workaround. I lost 4 ships on ironman trying to deploy chutes before I hit the ground. 4 good Kerbals have entered Valhalla.
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