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  1. thx nice to know I thought that someone like you reply, they always do, you wont help anyone like this, seanth already answered on that and guys this wasn't what i want to know... Anyway, i fix values to: CO2ProductionRate = 0.00154012889876 WasteWaterProductionRate = 1.1189685185E-05 by the eye to cca 1/10 of food with water purifier and carbon extractor just like in v. Farewell.
  2. Hi, i have an problem, don't know if this was solved here, when i build my ship and add water purifier, water isn't decreasing, but increasing, so in +/- 22d i have double amount of water . I believe that problem is in Waste Water Production Rate which is greater than Water Consumption Rate. WaterConsumptionRate = 1.1188078704E-05 WasteWaterProductionRate = 1.4247685185E-05 dunno what is "E-05" part I liked old system when 1 tenth of oxygen/water + water purifier/carbon extractor + 10 tenth of food was just enough. I will be happy if you wrote what values should i change to fix this.
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