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  1. The worst people are those that wait for the commotion to be at it's worst and then begin looting, those are just criminals rather than protesters.
  2. Brilliant, no other words to describe it.
  3. Welcome aboard and good luck with getting to Jool, it's an incredibly fun place to navigate, plan flight routes, and take screenshots.
  4. In my opinion, there is a special kind of satisfaction to be found in being a complete purist, achieving something by being crafty without picking easy solutions, or simply by being skilled, such as redocking a satelite into a cargo bay. Of course, it is entertaining to have new toys to play with, but i think achieving as much as possible, with as little or simple components as possible, yields my kind of satisfaction, in the end, it is just personal taste, of course.
  5. I thought this one was worthwhile. You can click the picture to check out my corp that makes these vessels.
  6. 8/10 sought unrustlement. I was also trying to squint at the flag on that jumbo in space, my best guess is.. Yugoslavia?
  7. Advertisement much? Wait...
  8. I am an ancient thing, from a time long since passed.
  9. There's no peace in the middle east, and the unsliceable bread was invented
  10. Nice, it isn't dead yet? Well then,
  11. Something you can only hope they never intend to do in real life.
  12. The Official Unabashed Scientific Dictionary defines black holes as what you get in black socks.
  13. Good job, that's harder than it looks.
  14. I do all in my power to avoid littering, and if i do, i make special missions to make recoveries, it's highly entertaining.
  15. I love how everyone's trying to dissect the video to death.
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