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  1. Gaarst

    Community Mods and Plugins Library

    Of course you can use this list to update yours! This is just a list of mods, there's no content created that I could claim ownership of. Anyway, thanks for the tips, I'll take a closer look at it whenever I get the time to and see how I can improve this list. ____________________ A bit of news: I recently have been, and will be for about a month more, quite busy IRL and finding time to update the library is a bit difficult. I probably could update it little by little every few days but that's not how I want to do it and updating the library at once is very time consuming. Long story short, don't expect regular updates to the library for about a month or so.
  2. Does anybody have pressure-thrust curves for the prop engines? I'm making high altitude aircraft and I can't push past 12 km with the Silver Crow, I probably won't be able to get a lot more but just out of curiosity I'd like to see which engines die last.
  3. Following the unanimous critical and commercial success of our last opus, the Kerbalespace™ C-1000 airliner, we have came to the realisation that improving upon this magnificent aircraft would not only be impossible but also futile as it is as close to perfection as it can get. And so, we have made the decision to radically change our register, indeed the creation that we offer you today is a low-capacity supersonic business jet named the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer". Supersonic to say the least, because well, to get straight to the point, it boasts a cruising speed of 1,500 m/s at an altitude of 26,000 m. A speed that takes you around Kerbin in 50 minutes, at an altitude where the atmospheric pressure is less than 1% that of sea level. These figures are the first signature of Kerbalespace™'s quest for perfection, the second being the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" itself, of course. To allow it to pierce the skies at a speed approaching Mach 5, the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" possesses several innovations that our skilled engineers developed through their relentless and unpaid voluntary work. The Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" is a blended delta wing design with the fuselage hosting the cockpit and room for 16 passengers elegantly morphing into the delta wing itself upon which are mounted the four engine nacelles, source of the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer"'s unique performance. These are a homemade design combining the advantages of turbojets, ramjets and space-grade engineering into the RAPIER system (The RAPIER system is built by C7 Aerospace and the Rockomax Conglomerate; Kerbalespace™ will not be held accountable for any performance defects from the RAPIER systems.), providing sufficient thrust for all stages of the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer"'s flight, whilst maintaining an environmentally friendly efficiency so that you can enjoy your flight knowing that Kerbin's grass plains thank you. (Kerbalespace™ will not be held accountable for the emission and release of environmentally hazardous substances by the RAPIER systems.) Another challenge encountered, and overcome, by our engineers is the intense heat generated by near-hypersonic regime, so intense it cannot be dissipated by even the most powerful radiators available. (Test realised with 1 different model of radiators) The scorching airflow is first of all mitigated by the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer"'s stratospheric altitude of 26 km reducing the air density even further than conventional supersonic aircraft. Then, the high-tolerance low-conduction materials of the nosecone ensure that the bulk of the heat is absorbed but not conducted to the rest of the plane keeping sensitive components shielded from the outer blaze. These measures would not be as efficient without the last feature of the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer"'s heat management system: the drag-reducing aerospike (The "drag-reducing aerospike" system does not contribute in reducing the aircraft's drag.) placed at the very end of the nosecone allowing to detach the airflow shockwaves from the body of the aircraft and deflecting most of it around the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer". Thanks to these brilliant feats of engineering, the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" is capable of withstanding the heat generated by its cruise for the entirety of a circumkerbal flight. (Kerbalespace™ will not be held accountable for any damage sustained by the purchased aircraft or injuries after long- or short-term exposure to aerodynamic heating within the flight envelope.) Now I hear you, you may expect that such a ludicrous speed would be extremely uncomfortable for the passengers and would make for an excruciating ride. That would be without our expert designers which were hard at work to bring the luxurious comfort, signature of Kerbalespace™ for decades, to the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer". Intended for wealthy businesskerbals, it provides state-of-the-art amenities including, but not limited to, individual seats and cabin lighting! (Available on selected models only.) Although perhaps the most significant feature which will make your flight incomparably pleasant comes is the speed at which you will travel: indeed, the cruising speed of 1,500 m/s is so close to orbital velocity that you will be feeling less than half the gravity at the surface. (Values measured for an eastbound flight and indicated as estimates only.) Combined with the altitude far above any turbulence (All turbulences encountered during cruise are liabilities of the Kerbin MET Office.), this made totally independent and neutral testers say that the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" was "the most comfortable vehicle that has ever existed, bar none", "outstandingly pleasant to ride" and "feeling like we are sitting in the clouds over 20 km below". (Observations made by independent Kerbalespace™ employees remunerated for the test and their comments; only selected comments are mentioned, for a complete list of comments made after the test go look somewhere else; Kerbalespace™ will not refund twice the difference of anything if you find a concurrent aircraft more comfortable.) Priced at only $66 million, the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" will allow you to carry up to 16 passengers faster than anything else in the world to anywhere and back (This statement is indicative only and does not mean that the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" is the fastest means of transportation available; Kerbalespace™ will not provide assistance or be held accountable for stranded aircraft), for an affordable cost, all while enjoying a starry black sky in complete calmness. (The aerodynamic heating experienced by the aircraft may obstruct outside view.) Truly a miracle of engineering, this outstanding aircraft meets Kerbalespace™'s draconian performance and comfort requirements and we can affirm with confidence that it will meet yours as well. As usual, Kerbalespace™'s friendly consumer support and generous refund policy will ensure any complaint of yours never remains ignored. (Kerbalespace™ will not be held accountable for performance lower than advertised; all figures and features given are indicative only and you agree that they cannot be considered as false advertising from Kerbalespace™ should they not be met; all purchases are definitive and non-refundable; by signing the acquisition contract the consumer agrees to be the sole responsible for the operation, maintenance and support of the Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" aircraft.) Kerbalespace™ X-1500B "Rømer" data sheet KerbalX download link:
  4. Gaarst

    DLC Suggestion: Taking Flight

    The only reason I build and fly planes in KSP is because I find space too boring in stock. I've never launched anything from the runway in my modded install. Either way we don't need more parts, we need more mechanics. Making History hasn't made space a tiny bit less boring once you're done discovering the new parts.
  5. Gaarst

    Community Mods and Plugins Library

    What NewTech posted above appears to be an old backup/archive of the library. It is not up to date and I am not maintaining it. I can't check right now but I am pretty sure GPO is updated and After Kerbin is listed in the main library.
  6. The worst of both worlds. Besides the fact that dV requirements to a same destination vary a lot depending on the situation, craft and ability of the player, people who want numbers will still not have any numbers and people who want to guess their rockets to orbit are spoiled the outcome.
  7. The game taking every single possibly useful feature at the beginning of career is ridiculous; here's an example: you're beginning to learn the game, you want to go to orbit for the first time, what could the game do to help you? Give you tools and information... nah, how about taking everything away from you and letting you learning to go to orbit by yourself. That's career for you. KSP is extremely hard when you start and gets easier as you progress, give me a single game that has the same difficulty curve.
  8. The dV to orbit from LKO has been 3500 m/s since 1.1. Same as elsewhere, you reach orbital speed. The caveat is that you won't be benefiting from Kerbin's rotation as much and that pointing east will put you in a 45° orbit, a lower inclination is impossible without a dog-leg. Sputink 1 was in a 200x900km orbit with 65° inclination. Launching to an equatorial orbit from Baikonur is technically possible but you'd have to wait until you fly over the equator to change your inclination and the dV needed would be absolutely ridiculous (about the same as your current orbital velocity so ~2300 m/s on Kerbin, ~7800 m/s on Earth; a bit cheaper if you a do bi-elliptic inclination change).
  9. I don't know, if only we had a dedicated mods release section on an official forum to see how strictly this EULA was enforced, then we could see with our own eyes that zero mods have been released since the EULA change...
  10. This is most definitely a mod, Kerbal Alarm Clock in fact. I used to think it was stock as well until I missed a dozen manoeuvres in pure stock while frantically hammering the X key.
  11. Gaarst

    Community Mods and Plugins Library

    I've started updating the mods for 1.4/1.4.1, about 25% of the total number are done. I also have allowed people to leave comments on the spreadsheet, anyone should be able to comment on the spreadsheet, however anyone can also "close" (hide) and "re-open" (show) any comment as they wish and see the past history of all comments (I can't delete comments, only "close" them which hides them but they are still visible in the comment history). We'll see how that goes, in the unlikely case of people abusing comments I'll forbid them.
  12. Gaarst

    New Armstrong speculation thread

    It's nothing until it flies 5 times.
  13. Gaarst


    Life support has been suggested many times already, but it will not be implemented because it would add too much difficulty for newer players. I mean I'd love life support in KSP but that's what Squad more or less says. Now there are many mods that add life support in many shapes and colours. From mods as Snacks! and USI Life Support: very simple and will not kill your Kerbals if they run out of supplies (you do get fines and debuffs); to massively complex mods as Kerbal Health or Kerbalism with many many things to care about, if you want proper realism. Plus a wide range in the middle, TAC Life Support is not too hard and quite popular. The link in my sig contains a lot of life support mods (in the Life Support and Health category) if you're interested.
  14. Gaarst

    Community Mods and Plugins Library

    I'm happy to announce that I have added all the mods released from last October to today to the library! It is finally up-to-date... kinda, I still need to get 1.4/1.4.1 compatibilities done; but at 1085 mods excluding the Outdated section, it's finally complete!! Until like tomorrow when new mods get released that is. Now I'll focus in updating the mods for 1.4.1 and I will try to update the mod list at least once a week to keep track of new releases.
  15. Gaarst

    Community Mods and Plugins Library

    There is a search function built in the spreadsheet as well, it's Ctrl+F on my browser not sure what it would be for yours. I understand your concerns and you have the right to complain, however I am not going to revert to a library hosted directly on the post because it would be too much work and because I personally think the spreadsheet is better. __________ In other news I have started adding the mods I was missing on the library and as of now I have the mods released up until the 17th Feb. After I'm done with this I will be updating mods for 1.4(.1) more consistently. I have also re-established credits to @CarnageINC in the main post which I deleted when I rewrote it. As is said there, he is responsible for referencing and formatting a very large majority of the mods in the library, and it wouldn't be how it is today if it wasn't for him. I didn't want to make it look like I wanted to get all the credit for myself, but it was a terrible decision to remove his name from the library and I deeply apologise for that. On a lighter note, he has been driven away from KSP by other obligations and such, and so is looking for a new maintainer for his Add-on Development Mod Library which is basically the same as this one except for mods in development and more addressed to modders than players.