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  1. I take it as good news. Squad wants to make sure 1.3.1 will work as intended when released and so are making a pre-release to avoid having to rush a few more patches. Ideally, QA should be enough to make sure a patch works but I'll take what I can get.
  2. No. You can recycle WasteWater into Water and CO2 into O2 at the cost of electricity or maybe another resource; but Waste and Food cannot be produced/recycled. There is no way to recycle Waste into Food, so a mission will always at least need Food resupplying (and Waste ditching, but it gets automatically dumped overboard if your Waste tanks are full).
  3. Fuel is not the only determining factor for a rocket exhaust colour. The RS-68 has a bright orange plume despite burning hydrolox because of the nozzle ablative coating. Also the shot of the F-1 in the test stand is darkened by a great factor. An F-1 kerolox plume appears solid white under normal lighting conditions because it's opaque and very bright, the picture of the Saturn V taking off shows this. Other kerolox engines have a redder exhaust and generate a lot less smoke (RD-107, RD-180, Merlin...), it's probably something to do with incomplete combustion because of the F-1s massive thrust.
  4. And over the million times it has happened, "there is already a mod for that" has never been, is not and will never be a valid argument. Having a community doing great mods is not an excuse for devs slacking. If something in the game is broken, the devs have to fix it, even if a mod fixing the issue already exists. Also, since over a year, KSP has been available on consoles, which do not support mods (at least not for KSP and I doubt they will ever implement it). Console players paying full price for KSP are entitled to have a polished (or working for that matter) game as much as the PCers are, and mods can't fix problems for them. Stock fairings are terrible, whether you prefer PF or stock style fairings, and they need to be worked on. PF doing it better is not an excuse.
  5. The Cheats menu is not currently available on the console ports, but Squad has stated in a recent KSP Weekly that it will be included in the Blitworks update.
  6. M83 is an electronic band, ITS is the big rocket that will never fly.
  7. Older versions are available on Steam if you own the game. The only versions available for free for everyone are some very early Alpha builds, released for free back then.
  8. Pics are helpful to help with this kind of issue. General pieces of advice are using a cockpit with a higher heat tolerance (avoid Mk1 in favour of Mk2/3), reentering with a high angle of attack (>30° at least) to spread the heat load to the entire plane, and setting a high periapsis to reduce the peak heating on your craft.
  9. hey man thank you so much about the information about the console update! Extremely helpful dude, lets all hope the update will come soon

    1. Gaarst


      Thanks for the kind words!

      Even though I don't have KSP on console (mostly because I don't have one) I understand what it feels like when you can't play the game. I'm with you all the way and hope the best for the game on console.

  10. What legal threat? That you'd sue them because your account violated their TOS and was banned? They are right to have ignored it. Getting banned from somewhere you've invested a lot of time/money is frustrating, but since the offence is proven, you're not getting your account back. You should just move on and forget about it.
  11. The developers that made the original console ports, Flying Tiger, were fired after the disastrous ports. Squad hired a new company, Blitworks, to rewrite the ports from scratch. That was last December. Since then we get very few updates on the work on the console ports besides the usual "we're working on it, we've got good builds and we're doing more testing" routine in the KSP Weeklies; the latest one (one of the most verbose we ever got): It's hard to say when the ports will come out, but since QA has taken a big part in the last updates on the ports, they may be getting closer to the end of the tunnel. Squad has the habit of never giving release dates, all we got was that they aimed to release the new ports in early 2017 back when they were announced...
  12. You're comparing an LSP with a space agency. One makes rockets, the other one makes missions to use the rockets. NASA can launch its missions without SpaceX. SpaceX could launch its rockets without NASA if you forget the billions they get in subventions.
  13. Everything you need to know is here:
  14. If you're looking for a lot of mods to choose from, I have just the right thread for you: (I have zero shame for self-advertising ) If you want to make your game have a more realistic gameplay, look in the "Realism Gameplay mods" category. Though if you want a well round-up and easy to maintain mod for realism, Realism Overhaul is the best you can get. If you want to make your screenshots look like they have been taken from the ISS Cupola, look in the "Planetary/Atmospheric Visual mods" category for mods to make planets prettier, or in the "Visual and Sound mods" category for misc visual enhancements. For a really complete overhaul, take a look in the replicas sections for real spacecraft and rockets, or in the "IVA mods" section to make the insides of your spaceships gorgeous (RPM, cited above, does magic for immersion).