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  1. Hey, there's something weird going on... I cant seem to connect to the server. Any help?
  2. Since the Gemini command pods are hinted to be of Earth origin, why not make it look like kerbals painted over the original capsule (the United States logo) with the Kerbal States thing?
  3. What about a planet with liquid metal oceans? Or an atmosphere made of metallic crystals? What could be done with that planet? Could it be mined for materials?
  4. Another question: What about atmospheres with crystals of asbestos, or some other crystalline thing?
  5. I can't seem to use the "money cheat" I use Linux, so would the key be something different?
  6. Talk to _Augustus_ about converting to PF:CE Revived, so you can get more attention.
  7. All I can think of while reading this is... RUDOLPH THE DC'ED TAUREN!
  8. This is me: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080176010/ I was wondering if DMP would be an option. Although, I do have a large amount of mods... Would there be a static mod list?
  9. Yeah, whenever I get one of those packs, he's always a girl...
  10. I guess this is a thread where you share TextureReplacer suit textures, kerbal textures, etc. I don't have any, but I would be glad to receive some, and for people to share theirs!
  11. When I was making a planet for _Augustus_'s new PF:CE Revived, I was contemplating planet atmospheres and oceans. I was wondering if a planet could have an atmosphere of dry ice crystals, and maybe oceans of liquid nitrogen. What do you guys think? What are some crazy atmosphere and ocean combinations that you can think of? What is possible?
  12. Sorry, I have no idea what the radius and mass should be. Edit: So now, when I followed your directions, this happened: And the orbit is still a blue line in space, with a velocity of NaN and an altitude of a crazy negative number.