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  1. Should you crash.. 1. add 1000000000 struts 2. add MOAR power!!! 3. add 1000000000 reaction wheels 4. add 1000000000 fins 5. Consult Scott Manley
  2. I'm not sure how, but apparently i managed to use all my data usage in a day which meant no wifi for a month. Having the internet back is like...well...its like...its like finding a long lost relative! OK, that was an exaggeration but I almost feel as if I'm living in the lap of luxury! Edit: I can trade Pokemon now:D
  3. Except for ksp, what are your best and worst games? ​I like bacon!
  4. ionator


    Who love flapjack! Is it your favourite food? If not, what is? Best foods ever mac and cheese Pie spaghetti lamb beef turkey and gravy emental cheese ice cream haggis white pudding steamed pudding ​IM HUNGRY!
  5. Thanks, that helped a lot(now i have a profile picture:D!)
  6. I don't know how to change my avatar, which leads to one question: how do ​I?
  7. Just applied to the kerbal space program
  8. Recently, i started playing loads of pokemon, which got me thinking: could i make a pokemon in ksp?(i couldn't;.. The challenge is to create a rover which looks like a pokemon that can drive a decent distance before breaking(at least to the end of the runway). RULES no debug menu no mods(except for bdarmory cos it makes rovers awesome) must use rover wheels, no landing gear can be crewed or uncrewed if crewed, must be able to be accessed/unaccessed minimum speed of 7.5m/s must be in the shape of a pokemon can just be the face of the pokemon, not the body
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    Thanks, helped a lot:D
  10. For me, the flying is much faster and smoother. While one of my planes used to go 200m/s, it can now go 350m/s
  11. ionator


    Ever since 1.0 came out and the aerodynamics model was improved , my computer found it difficult to handle. I get a low frame rate. I know this isn't ksp's fault, it's just that I have a laptop that certainly isn't a supercomputer. So, since I was planning on getting a new PC anyway, does anybody know what the minimum specifications are in order to run ksp with a good frame rate? Thanks!
  12. do the rockets have to be recoverable? if so, just the pod? or can the unfortunate kerbals smash into the ground?
  13. can you destroy the entire KSC using only one craft?