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  1. I think it is well worth price tag personally...The only downside is that it hits its max/min resistance pretty close to the center, about 50% of its range of motion is outside the range where it really has any effect. For me, this is just fine because I wanted full control with minimal movement, but it might make precise control a little difficult on small ships with quick turning speed. It is very solid on build quality though and the springs are the perfect stiffness to be able to move X-Y without accidentally twisting the Z axis. I'd call it a 9/10.
  2. Well, you have the footprint you plan to fit all of your lights, buttons, displays, etc on, that is the 'board'...You keep coming up with more and more things to add and eventually run out of space, pushing bits outside the limits of the original dimensions...So, you go over [the edge of the] board... Good thing I am still waiting for my 3D printer, so all I have is a pile of electronics on my desk and can keep adding to that mess of wires without consequence for now...Instead, i just keep making more and more little circuit boards to wire into this monstrosity...
  3. I know I talk about how much I prefer the Teensy 3.1 to the Arduino an awful lot on here, but this is another great example...I just got this in the mail a couple days ago: http://imgur.com/lNCAkBk A little pricey at $35, but it is a solid, compact, and spring return 3-axis stick with set screws to calibrate the resistances, perfect size for what I was after...Since the Teensy can simultaneously emulate serial, keyboard, mouse, and joystick across the USB connection, I have not needed to do anything with the MOD's control outputs and instead just rely on the built-in emulation... Setting this thing up for KSP was MUCH simpler than I was expecting...The code is literally: valueX = analogRead(2); valueY = analogRead(1); valueZ = analogRead(0); Joystick.X(valueX); Joystick.Y(valueY); Joystick.Z(valueZ); with no other effort required...The only other thing I needed to do was adjust the set screws so that my analogRead()s were fairly close to 512 (since from the factory all 3 were around 650-700) and then go into the control settings within the game and assign them as I would a normal joystick...I did not have to mess with software calibration or dead zone mapping at all to avoid drifting, things just worked perfectly with defaults. I have not even gotten around to reinstalling the MOD after .90 because I have been working more on construction and controls rather than coding for the display (and, admittedly, I have been playing too much after the update to get as much work done as I should). Since the board I am using can handle all the input data directly and with a greater range of function than using the control packet within the MOD, it makes things much simpler. Note: Not at ALL knocking the control features of the MOD of course , this just lets me go a little more overboard with my design.
  4. This is what I am doing already, probably 2 x LCD displays and a second microcontroller dedicated to them...My suggestion is that you go with something beefier than an Arduino though, for a couple reasons...I would heavily suggest the Teensy 3.1: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/teensy31.html A quick break down: ARM-Cortex-M4 running at 72 MHz (vs the Uno and Mega's 16 MHz) 256 KB Flash (Same as the Mega, much more than the Uno's 32 KB) 64 KB RAM (8x the Mega 32x the Uno) About $20 Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and almost every library via an Addon downloaded from their website. **For one, updating an LCD/OLED is a relatively slow process depending on how many pixels are involved with the change and the Arduino can't really keep up...I have used several different screens on previous projects and it is always an issue, even when using something with a 128x128 resolution and what I am using in my KSP controller has a 240x320 res...Testing THAT display with an Arduino vrs The Teensy updates 3-4 times faster. **It has 3 Serial ports, so if you don't want to screw around dealing with SPI/I2C libraries to communicate between boards, the Teensy makes the process fast and easy. **You can emulate Keyboard, mouse, and joystick functionality over the same USB connection you use to read the serial data from KSP...This means that with very simple, out of the box code, you can control pretty much everything. **Cost/function they can't be beat if you want to stick with the Arduio IDE. Cons: They only come in a 'mini' profile, so they are not going to fit Arduino shields...Also, unless Zitronen has changed the packet structure since the last version I downloaded, you might have to modify things a little bit to account for the fact that the Teensy is 32-bit and some variable sizes may be different than the Arduino's.
  5. SOLVED! I had to go play around in the registry... \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Squad\Kerbal Space Program The resolutions in there were stuck on ZERO for some reason...Changing them to something else (in this case I went with a windowed 1600x1200) allowed the game to launch and from there I set my fullscreen res back to 4622x2560 with no issue.
  6. Nope...No change...Tried the previous set of drivers out, then updated back to the current version and continued to have the same error both times.
  7. Yeah, that is my next step after I get off work...I am going to try previous versions and maybe the newest beta of my drivers...I am leaning towards the Unity update being the cause, but it is odd that I have not seen anyone else report the same problem...My display/hardware setup is a little unique, but not unconventional enough that I should be a rare exception...Not to mention that I have reverted to something much more 'normal' and still experience the same issues.
  8. The first time I ran in after a fresh install it crashed without generating a config file, after that I ran Launcher.exe, used the 'minimum' graphics settings and made sure that it was running in 32-bit and windowed...After running the launcher, I checked the config file it generated to make sure that the proper settings were saved into it... I just deleted the config again, ran it, got the same crash with no new config generated...Whatever is causing it must come before it tries to read the config.
  9. Sigh...Well, it works perfect on my laptop under Linux...Don't know if I can handle playing it on there when I have gotten so used to it on my current rig...
  10. Killed all non-essential NVIDIA tasks, video enhancement managers, etc...Same result.
  11. Tried rebooting multiple times depending on the changes I have been trying...And no, no extra arguments...Since the last call shown in the log was a support DLL for unity followed by a Direct 3D device error, I also tried reinstalling my display drivers, but to no avail.
  12. This crash is immediately on launch, in both windowed and fullscreen (I used the previous version in both modes and never had an issue Alt-Tabbing from fullscreen). The Dialog box appears before it makes visible attempt to launch a game window.
  13. On launch I get the following dialog box: This is running the Windows 32-bit and 64-bit version immediately after the .90 update I am running NVIDIA Surround on a 2x SLI GTX 780's under Windows 8.1, all drivers are up to date, 8GB RAM, AMD FX-8370 @ 4 GHz. I have deleted all local files and done a fresh install. I have tried launching the game through Steam, Directly with the Launcher.exe, KSP.exe, and KSP_x64.exe. I have tried manually setting the starting resolution to many different options using Launcher.exe. I have tried launching in Fullscreen and Windowed mode at varying resolutions. I have tried disabling SLI, Surround, and running just on a single monitor. All of these steps have given the same non-results. EDIT: Adding relevant info Version number: build id = 00705 2014-12-15_13-42-05 Branch: master output_log.txt------------->
  14. Very nice! I think I am going to have to add a lot more controls to mine (though probably not quite as many as you have) before I am done...I just need to wait for my shift registers to get here, since all I had laying around were SIPO...For some reason I had not thought about all the other gameplay related keybindings that I should add to things. Right now, I am stuck on some hardware serial issues because I am going to need to add a second microcontroller into the mix...The 240x320 LED screens I want to use take WAY too long to update even using a Teensy 3.1...Ends up clogging the serial buffer and causing all sorts of problems so I am going to outsource the problem...If I can ever get the damn things to talk to each other.
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