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  1. Just out of curiosity, can anyone upload the formula used for the calculations?
  2. So does this still work or is there any talk about updating to 1.0.4? Hyperion Yellow anyone?
  3. Well, I know nothing about programming/modding and so if you could give it a shot, that would be great. If not I'll just ask ferram4 about it as you suggested.
  4. Turns out, when it says 'change state', it means that it will move to the position it would be in if you pitched up normally on the keyboard so not exactly what I'm looking for but thanks anyway
  5. Great, thank you. I'll try it out tomorrow
  6. As stated in the title, I feel that flaps would be a good addition to the game. Not flaps as in control surfaces but flaps as in these things: As far as I know, no mods to add flaps exist, I'm no modeller/artist/programmer so if somebody can make these that would be great. I have a feeling it would make a lot of peoples lives easier when it comes to take-off and landing, after all, that is what they're designed for, isn't it?
  7. With 0.90 I was able to run several rather heavy mods and by several and I mean a lot and KSP was running without any problem, now however after 1.0 it can't run even Tantares LV without crashing at some point. I had someone look at it who works with computers for a living and he noticed that it's a pretty severe bug but I don't know what it is or how to fix it. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone can tell me where I might be able to find the crash logs that would also be greatly appreciated because as far as I know, Squad removed that folder, either that or I'm looking in the wrong places.
  8. So anything about a cargo bay for kerbal sized tanks and observatory equipment?
  9. Alright, thanks, I was wandering why most of the parts apart from two engines didn't show in the part list EDIT: Installation doesn't work, I updated the Firespitter and ModuleManager DLLs and it didn't work
  10. BUG!!!! THERE IS A BUG!!!! Just out of curiosity, what was the payload?
  11. Any more development? I really like the look of those parts, they look like the Ranger and Lander from Interstellar
  12. About the LFO config found in the extras folder, do I just copy the .cfg into all the engine folders or do I place them somewhere else? I am unclear on this Edit: When I have the LFO config and the Cryoengines folder in my GameData folder the game doesn't fully load but when I take them out it loads properly. Any suggestions?