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  1. I went on a vacation and brought Jeb so I wouldn't be lonely First picture is of Jeb on the Willamette Meteorite in the Hayden Planetarium. Second picture is on the airplane. Thanks again Squad for sending me this! (he was a prize for my art entry in February)
  2. I would really like to edit planets in the 1.0 KSP. If I can't then that's okay, I have planet factory working in the old version. I tried installing in the new version but nothing happened As far as I could tell Kragrathea isn't going to continue with that project so I wanted to ask if anybody has the scoop on planet editing in 1.0.
  3. :siiighh: I can't. I mean I could but it wouldn't make sense without the music. I used two different remixes and spliced them together and listened to it a lot to see why it got a claim for the original (not the remix) which I thought was weird. I'm pretty sure now it's because of one of the tracks not changing enough on it. So I could try using a different part from the other track I used and see how it might fit. Long story short I might be able to make it work without having to do a big ordeal. It's nice that you want to see it because I was excited to share it! [edit] fixed it. I hate touching that part of the song though. It feels like painting a really bad mustache on the Mona Lisa. But the link will work again once it'd processed.
  4. OoOmg I was looking at your comment like......I KNOW THIS NAME but not this picture. Though your compliment is flattering beyond my expectations, I simply cannot accept it. Camtroid is a god. lol no that's a really nice thing to say. Most of my videos are lets plays though and I would die before posting those here. I was just coming here to say I had to delete this video :*( RIP gY-N0-sCoP3. I just had my very first copy right claim because [edit] blah blah blah I fixed it and and uploading a new one.
  5. Here we go, problem solved! As for the whole "kerbals are genderless until we had to be PC" I just want to cordially add that it seemed they were genderless until they all looked like dudes and had dude names I swear it doesn't offend me that they are boys. But denying that kind of bugs me a little bit because even though I'm not mad there was no girls, there obviously aren't any and it's a little off-putting to deny that. Also it's exciting to me that they're adding them. Like when they add ponytails to legos. I like it, it's cute, and it makes me a little bit excited to play a girl character. You could say why bother coloring the planets or adding trees or making the distant stars different from each other? Little details in game mechanics and in the art add an asthetic that matters more or less to different people. Aerodynamics are features that are very important to some but others don't even notice until it's pointed out. It's like if people said "there is nothing at all wrong about the [aero or other misc. mechanic] and if you change it I am going to be mad because it's not important and I don't want that to change the game I love!" You probably find that annoying if it matters to you and what you love about the game. There are also many people who wouldn't play at all if the planets looked like beach balls and the stars were identical polka dots. When people say things like [they're only adding girls because the fun police will invade otherwise] it can come off as brash and hurtful to people who look forward to that addition. Like to say it adds nothing...I hate to admit but the first time I read that months ago, for a moment I felt like "but it adds a girl, not berries on bushes or leaves on trees or birds in the sky, but a girl. Like a person/kerbal girl. I'm a girl and it's more than nothing to me :(" But after seeing that so so many times I think 'okay that's just part of the discussion and I could see how it would feel like a small silly detail to people who get more enrichment from other aspects of the game'. Sometimes it seems like people are flat out offended by the idea, but I feel the honest reason is that they don't want something they love to change in a bad way or draw in a weird crowd or take focus away from what they see as being a beautiful/awesome/complex thing. And I get that but I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just don't post bait to those types and they won't have any interest. But another point is that it's not just to please people who whine or have hurt feeelings. It adds a good marketing point for the developers. How many times have I paid for the game and how many versions have I been able to play? Like we only pay once and the code is available so they can support modders and budding programmers. If nothing else I think that's a fair reason to support it because it supports the developers. It gives people a reason to get excited, popular KSP youtubers do let's plays again after doing everything else in the game, etc. and that brings in new customers. But anyway I've seen this discussion a lot and finally am dipping my toe into the water. I just hope to see eased tension on the issue. It's not worth being angry with each other about. It's easy to get under people's skin about what's important or not because it boils down to what different people love about the game, and there is a lot to love.
  6. I hope people like it. I get so many good feels from this game and I like to express that with music. I wanted to show how the thing works but also put something creative into it that might draw people into the KSP experience. What do you guys think of it? Is it good? I haven't seen a gyroscope in KSP yet (oh wait maybe I have and didn't realize that's what it was) and mine needs work still, but I hope it doesn't take away from the art.
  7. I see some really really cool space crafts in this forum and it always blows my mind. I was wondering when you guys have ideas in your head, what is it like between the idea and the finished craft? Like do you know in your mind what parts will make your idea happen? Does it keep you up at night imagining how you will fit things together? Do you ever draw or look at a picture so you have something to work with? Or write it down in words instead of pictures? Or something else entirely? And I was also wondering how long it took before you really knew all the parts well enough to just put something together (something that actually works), or if that is an ability that kind of comes natural.
  8. She is going to be so happy to find out she won!!! I'm happy for her since she did more than one entry and I really like that colored pencil drawing. My first thought when I saw it was how Jeb would look really nice next to my Lisa Simpson tattoo. I love the colors how they're so bright and pretty. And the mouth expressions too; I love to zoom in when they do those funny things with their mouths. She really captured that nicely
  9. They announced the winner! Also thanks so much for making my entry runner up :D !!!! It means so much to me.
  10. Heh, my monitor is so big I never realize that I type a wall of text until I look at it elsewhere. Just learn from mistakes and be the best version of yourself you can be. It's good for life in general and the right person will want to be around you.
  11. The radial symmetry with rockets totally clicks with me, but can use symmetry to build the other side?! I was using alt-click and then getting all flustered about how you would turn the part to make it fit. Duh, wow. I was wondering about building boats. I'm guessing you make them pointy because it's all around better in the water. Are there parts that stop working when they touch water? Like is it written into any of the parts to short circuit like in real life, or is it the force of smacking onto the water that will break them? I have put things in the water before and seen them break but not sure about why. And one more thing, do you always leave the bottom open? Where it's like an upside down cup with the cargo weighting on top, is that what makes them float? I loaded the ship and was just thinking, wow that's pretty smart.
  12. Awe man, thanks Squad!! I feel like the game you guys have made is just the best thing ever. I can't even say how happy it made me feel to see that you like something I made and the nice things you said about it. That's how I feel when I see the cool things people do in KSP!
  13. Oh my god that is awesome! I should have checked this earlier, I was so busy once I found out about that Valentina contest that I didn't do anything else for most of the week (other than work anyway). I wondered what you would think of the construction. I was working on the new one but I think the most I'm getting out of it is how to build-or how much I don't know how to build. Out of everything in the game that is challenging (like getting to mun, etc) I face more challenge with building because I don't fully understand the controls. Like symmetry, most of the time I try to use it and the different modes only allow me to put things around the thing I'm touching. I don't know how people use it to their advantage. I will have the controls wiki thing up on my second monitor while I play but often the more abstract concepts don't register with me until I see someone else doing it. And many popular video channels speed through construction or talk about the parts because that's what more folks tend to be interested in. I don't want to sound like a noob who asks for help before putting in effort (because of the type of questions), and honestly I feel embarrassed about seeming dumb when I don't understand the help people take time to offer. It's just that I'm dyslexic, but I am really good with things audio/visual. I will have to look for more videos specifically on construction, I didn't realize how much I was missing until you guys pointed out some of these things. So I really appreciate that a lot.
  14. I really like what you've done with the colored pencils!