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  1. well, i like pewdiepie. I'll admit his videos nowadays is not funny anymore, but i like him as a kindhearted person. he really care and communicate with his subs all the time. And he do a lot of donation. with the money he make, he can even buy a mansion. and yeah, the KSP video he post isnt as enthusiastic as when he played dark souls
  2. Whoa, thanks again for doing this. He said that there are other minor things that are changed. as far as you observed on his stream, is there any mention of change on science reward change on contracts? Thanks
  3. Holy mother of God i thought i was alone.. i was born in Jakarta too haha.
  4. Indonesia. But currently studying in malaysia
  5. Yeah, lately im more into sandbox than career. The game have not yet finished though, so we wont know what career will look like later. In the end, it may exceed your expectation and become the ultimate game like minecraft, or becoming a typical indie project that has faithful fanbase just like any other typical indie games on steam. I dont know, but lately ive been led to believe that SQUAD doesnt care about what the community think how the game is supposed to be. If thats the case, this thread and all the arguments and ideas inside it (and all other threads) would be just in vain. But thats
  6. I see. Thanks once again for your initiative informing us all in the hype-train.
  7. ah, yes. this is what i felt when i played KSP career on normal for the first time. Ive unlocked all the parts in day 2 (in-game) by just doing some part testing contracts + strategies. so, i tried to play in hard. But then, it become so tedious and "grindy". Maybe because i suck. So i just stick with sandbox for experimenting, training my landing skills, building big ass SSTO, etc to prepare myself out until the beta comes out. I dont know, but people seems content with it. Maybe because KSP was originally are all about building spacecraft & creating your own space program freely without
  8. OP you have all my thanks for compiling the updates on the experimental phase. A quick question, do we upgrade buildings with money (funds) only, or with science points also?
  9. I sincerely hope you are wrong though. I've already put too much hope to SQUAD to make this game as spectacular as minecraft. And yeah, im new at this game and the first glaring flaw that i see very clear is science and administration building. Except, ive never bothered to do all of these clickfest because i can just grind simple "part testing" contract and make 2.5k science out of it, which is a problem too. Tried hard to raise my point in here, and hopefully the devs see it and consider rebalancing it.
  10. holy mother of god please let it be released after i finished my goddamn exam...
  11. whoa got some interesting discussion going on there. Will go through it Yeah i'm always thinking of some way to use science post technology other than being currency (that would be dull). I'll read through your forum blog Thanks! can you point some of the discussion/dev post to me?
  12. Hello, i just bought this game from steam sale few days ago and been playing this game like crazy. i've been doing some readings on dev posts lately, and i'm very pleased to hear that pilot skills and contracts mod (Fine Print) integration is planned for the next patch. I dont know if i missed it, but i haven't read any future rebalance plans on science points. Because, well, i personally think that getting science is very easy even for new players (especially with the latest addition of administration building). even without the building, I heard that we can actually unlock all the technolog
  13. Hello. I'm just a newb here, but i played game quite a lot. So, i may can come up with suggestion based on other games. Most of it is based on heavy strategy games like EVE Online, Civ, FM, Xcom, etc. However, i'd like to keep my ideas really simple and try to be as close as possible to the essence of this game. I've also went through the "What Not To Suggest List" and apparently, my ideas are not in the list. These are just rough idea and open for discussion for the flaws. Im not sure if these ideas has been proposed/has been made into mods. But hopefully, these ideas could be taken into cons
  14. Thanks, sir mod. I'm really overwhelmed with the thoughts of how awesome this game would become after its totally finished. i would like to see they implement on how satellites can detect anomaly on the planet, or AI features that allows us to compete with other space programs
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