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  1. Does that thing transform into Mega Maid???
  2. Before I check out on the Steam Store and purchase another copy of KSP, just so I can take part in the experimentals, I want to express how disappointed I am. This feels like a slap in the face to all of the users that purchased through the KSP store and not Steam. Granted I was a latecomer to the party, I found out about KSP just before the 0.90 update, I wanted to ensure that every penny I put into the game went to the developers and not to Valve. I wanted to know that I helped an independent company, that I wanted to succeed, put out the best product they possibly could. That is not to imply that anyone that purchased through Steam is a lesser user, or likes Squad more or less than me. It is simply my thought process. KSP is not a shooter, it is not a platformer, it is not a fighting game. KSP is a simulator and a darn good one at that. With KSP my daughters and I have stood on the moon, where Neil Armstorng and Buzz Aldrin walked. We flew by Pluto as we watched the Science Channel's documentary on New Horizons. We saw how close we could get to the Sun without exploding. I thank Squad (and the modders that helped make it possible) for these moments. The people that play KSP are the type of people that love experimenting and would provide feedback. Whereas, many Steam users will have just seen the game in their Discovery Queue or on a advertisement in the store. That is not to say that all Steam users have no love or passion for the game. Nor is it meant to imply that Steam users would not provide the feedback Squad is looking for. I am stating that I feel the percentage of users in the KSP store, versus the install base, that would provide feedback would be higher than the percentage of Steam users, again versus the install base, that would provide feedback. That being said, I also understand the frustrations of a small company that cannot handle the infrastructure required to push the updates and support the traffic required to maintain the update schedule the experimental releases will cause. But, perception is reality and the perception here is that the Store users can simply wait it out and be happy with a final product. Though, even in the article you clearly say you want to open the testing to everyone. Then your next sentence is "opt-in via Steam only". This is hardly everyone. I am fortunate, an additional $40 to purchase a second copy of the game is not a financial burden to me. There are many that would love to provide feedback that this may not be the case. Again, thank you Squad for one of my favorite games of all times. And to the modders that make it more accessible to everyone out there. I will end my rant here.
  3. I use ScanSat just for this purpose. Having the body scanned will show you where the biomes are and you can get out just before you get there to ensure you can get the report in time.
  4. Congrats to the winners. A good time was had by all.
  5. Same here, my older builds still function normally, just 1.0 and up. GTX970 driver version 350.12. How many are using multiple monitors? Also, is the game rendering on the main monitor in Windows, or the secondary? I am running dual monitors with the primary connected HDMI (1920*1080) and the second by DVI (1600*900). The game is rendering on my main monitor.
  6. I always crash before the game loads with the unity error: Couldn't switch to the requested monitor resolution. What OS are you running? I am in Win 7 Ultimate and I cannot minimize the application through the task manager or the task bar. I tried using the Windows Borderless Gaming app to force the game into fullscreen after lowering the resolution, but it rescales the image and causes the same error as above.
  7. In my case, it IS resolved by not going into full-screen mode. If I run 1680*1050 or lower windowed, I can use -force-opengl. I load a save game at the space center with my mods and only using 1.5 GB of RAM. If I use full-screen with -force-opengl, no matter the resolution I set I get an error that the resolution can't be set. If I load full-screen with no arguments on the command line, I load with 2.9 GB RAM usage.
  8. I as well have the same issues. My main monitor is a Vizio 32" TV connected via HDMI @ 1080P secondary is a Dell 20" @ 1600*900. My system is as follows: i5 4690k @ 4.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, MSI GTX 970 (Nvidia drivers 350.12). I can launch in directX mode, with minimal mods due to known issues, at any resolution fullscreen or popup. If I add -force-opengl I cannot launch above 1680*1050. My KSP is from the Kerbal store, not Steam. I generally launch with CKAN, but for testing have tried both command line and CKAN launch settings. The same issue persists either way.
  9. Overclocking the CPU will increase its performance. My 4690K is currently running at 4.5 GHz, a full GHz above its stock speed. While it is true this can shorten the life of the CPU, I have been overclocking CPU's for over a decade and have never had one die to this day. In my opinion, the increase in overall performance is worth 1 GB of VRAM. As for additional cooling, aftermarket coolers are absolutely required when overclocking. I have personally used a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO http://pcpartpicker.com/part/cooler-master-cpu-cooler-rr212e20pkr2 to run a 4690K at 4.5 GHz with idle temps from 30 C to 35 C and Prime95 pushing up to 70 C. I now use a Corsair H90 http://pcpartpicker.com/part/corsair-cpu-cooler-h90 for the same processor and run on average 5 - 7 C cooler. There are several PSU calculators on the web and it is my experience that they vary wildly with their recommendations. I have personally always chosen a PSU that is on average 150 watts above the rating of the GPU. If the GPU requires a 550 watt PSU, I would get a minimum 700 watt unit. I'm sure there are better methods to use, but this has never failed me. The different ratings are a measure of the efficiency of the unit. As expected, higher is more efficient. It basically breaks down to how much power the unit will lose to heat generation as I understand it. Either way, as all of your components depend on this one piece of hardware, and from someone that has seen a PSU throw sparks and kill a mobo/CPU combo, never skimp here.
  10. Uh... No. I simply wanted all of my money to go to the developer.
  11. If I hook up two keyboards, I can F5 twice as fast. Hype.
  12. I don't know whats worse, the hype building suspense, or the reminder that I only have 1 Mbps to download 1.0
  13. So, is there an update to Skyrim today or something?
  14. Starting to get 502's on the forum now too.
  15. Have we broken the interwebs hype function yet?
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