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  1. I wanted to build a probe that I can send to the Mun but ended up just in Kerbin orbit instead, so I decided to launch the Ion powered probe that is stock and build a very complex rocket, but something did not go right with the staging and when I treid to get into a high kerbin orbit to decide what to do next, I overshot and now the probe left Kerbin and is somewhere between Minmus and Duna. I have no clue what to do next.
  2. In Orbit, together with Bob and Bill, at least for now, no idea when I will de-orbit the capsule.
  3. Well, I just 3 Kerbals into orbit (with some difficulty) and tired to fly one of the stock aircrafts around but that was not very successful. I think fyling aircrafts in KSP is one of the hardest things you can do, at least if you have to use a keyboard that is.
  4. That sure looks interesting, I will keep an eye on this.
  5. Well, I got that stock satellite in orbit, but I had to rebuild the delivery system for it, because the stock rocket was well, not sufficient for it. The orbit is a bit wonky but I will try to get something else up there soon.
  6. I was surprised to see that the parts mods (Kerbal Rocketry and some mod that gives you more stock like parts) as well as Kerbal Engineer where still working in 0.90. I was not surprised to see that Kethane mod as well as Ferram no longer worked. I do like the way the parts are sorted now, makes things easier. I also noticed that stuff seems to overhead much faster then usual, at least in 0.25 I cant recall getting so many overheat warnings. Still have to test all the other stuff and start a career. Also, I had hoped for more tutorial/Training missions so newcomers can get a feel for the game.
  7. Hmnm, I also would like to know if this is still being worked on or of its dead.
  8. Well, still trying to get into orbit. I di manage to get into space but I must do something wrong regarding orbits. Maybe my gravity turn is wrong or something but I always get very high up, almost 300km away from Kerbin but then I dont have enough fuel to get into a stable orbit because the burns take so long.
  9. I finally got that rocket probe I build into space, but I did not manage to get a stable orbit so it crashed into the ocean.
  10. Say, what is the mod called that adds those color stripes to the spacesuits as seen in this post?
  11. I rather would like to be able to choose the spacesuit coloration myself or give me options to customize the spacesuit/Kerbal as I see fit, but then again, having spacesuit colors depending on role would be interesting never the less.
  12. Yeah I have been thinking about doing the same. Its actually a good idea to have multiple versions of KSP on your HD.
  13. Well, you need Kerbal Engineer, its a must, because it tells you the thrust to weight ratio and the Delta-V when you are putting your rockets together. Its a very useful tool to have. Also, are you using B9 and Ferram Aerospace as well? I ask because Ferram can make things more difficult for you because of realistic flight physics and the whole aerodynamic failures option (you can turn that off btw so you do not have to worry about your rockets exploding out of nowhere because the stress became to great) and as for B9, that pack adds a ton of parts that you need to get familiar with at first.
  14. Hello. Got KSP as a birthday gift and I thought it would be good to join the forums.
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