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  1. Hey, Thanks for the feedback! Marko already addressed a lot of the usability issues (we really wanted to make the missions as easy to launch as possible, hence the website launching). Just wanted to chime in from the pedagogical perspective. We do recognise that KSP is challenging to scaffold: how much reading can you include in the game before players stop reading them (our testers at the office are really impatient, simulating attention span of a teenager really well!) or how much of the explaining can you leave to the teachers who usually aren’t too comfortable with game mechanics themselves. It’s also interesting to see how much hand-holding players need versus how soon you start to compromise the sandbox nature of the game. This is something we constantly need to consider with Minecraft as well. I guess it’s also a cultural difference how detailed you want the lesson plans to be but we’ll try to be more elaborate with them, too, to better cater for different teachers. It’s a big balancing act and hopefully we’ll hit the mark better in the future. Feedback such as yours helps tremendously.
  2. Right now you have to buy it through kerbaledu.com to gain access to the educational version. But, as the original post said, we are working to bring some of the features available for regular Kerbal-owners as well.
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