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  1. who is this Elon, and why are you hunting him?
  2. I use them to summon the kraken. Add a materials bay, some landing legs and a docking port.
  3. Doesanyone else have the same trouble I have with these new storage bays,both the 1.25 and 2.5m? Iget random shaking and general glitching whenever I try to use them,last night culminating in a science module going nuts and having tobe decoupled before it tore apart the station it was docked to. Itused to be that the 2.5m ones were temperamental, but last night itwas a 1.25m version. The strange thing was that it was tested on theground first, and had been taken up to Muna orbit where the stationwas with out any problems. Happened when I loaded back to the stationfrom the tracking station, th
  4. Does anyone know of a mod(s) that lets you edit the details of the kerbonaughts themselves? I want to be able to change the names and the uniform colours (other than orange or white) so that I can identify which kerbals are assigned to a particular crew, and it would be a bonus if you could select which specialism they were assigned to when hired (pilot, eng or sci). I know you can change the names in the config file, but this is very basic in that it only changes the names and the courage and stupidity stats, was hoping there was a more comprehensive mod that would make this easier. Any su
  5. Was hoping there would be more than just one "resource" to mine in v1.0, unless the resource is GOLD Would add a bit of complexity if Liquid Fuel and oxidiser were gathered and mined seperately.
  6. I've seen them with my own eyes, we are not alone. If you see it, shoot it.
  7. Yeah that was it, node was at 180. Didn't think it would practically matter what way it orbits and I don't have the delta v to burn 1800 m/s. Noob mistake.
  8. Hieveryone, was hoping someone could offer some help or adviceregarding a contract mission placing a Keostationary orbitalsatellite at around 7m km's appoapse and periapse. Ittook me about 4 hours to place the satellite in the orbit specifiedby the contract, but the contract will not complete. On looking atthe orbit of the satellite, it appears that it is exactly followingthe path, however it seems to run parallel to it by approx 20,000meters. Asit took so long to get it into position I gave up and left the satwhere it was, however to my simple mind it would require a 90 degreeburn towards t
  9. Any chance someone could create/resize an original Welsh flag, or the Welsh Dragon with the St. David's black and yellow cross as the background (my preference if pos). My country seems to be under-represented in space and would appreciate help from someone with the skillz. Many Thanks
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