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  1. There will definitely be tiles on the hot side of the flaps.
  2. ST is a massive Battle Angel Alita fan and photoshoots Alita and her number 99 onto basically everything.
  3. The problem you have with rock atoms is the same problem you have with air atoms. I think conventional wisdom is that is that you're shunted to the closest free space within 1000ft and take up to 3d6 damage. Or the teleport fails and you take 4d6.
  4. Crew-1 delayed due to the issue with GPS-3. I guess it may have been more serious than we thought.
  5. SN8 does look much more like a finished article, doesn't it?
  6. https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/10/space-force-considers-merging-cape-canaveral-with-kennedy-space-center/?comments=1 It appears that Space Force are considering a merger of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station with Kennedy Space Centre in order to more efficiently utilise the range resources.
  7. Apparently successful. But so was last time!
  8. Err, what... Lighting 28 Raptors with twice the thrust of Saturn V without a flame diverter is an interesting choice... A few weeks for highbay and superheavy stacking.
  9. Appears that SN8 passed its cryo proof test. Both tanks completely frosted and detanked. Waiting for confirmation.
  10. 1) is mostly water vapour from the pad sound suppression system and possibly some dust being kicked up of the pad. 2) A more expanded exhaust is cooler so it isn't as bright.
  11. And we also have a fairing catch! Don't know what happened to the other half yet.
  12. So far block 5 is doing ok on the refurbs. Probably won't see 24h turnaround. Still quite a way to go from 50 days to 7-14 though! Also that chart needs updating.
  13. Pretty! Falcon 9 is so slender it really does look like an arrow.
  14. But in positive news: Because apparently it's hard to simulate a countdown.
  15. https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/10/nasa-safety-panel-raises-doubts-about-software-testing-for-moon-missions/?utm_brand=arstechnica&utm_source=twitter&utm_social-type=owned&utm_medium=social Well well well
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