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  1. My apologies to everyone for my long absence. Details later. Suffice to say my free time is short these days, and has been for months. This is a topic that, as you pointed out, different people have different opinions on. I'd like to hash it out with everyone a bit, before making a final ruling. However. Since you've been rolling along in this challenge for a while without any clear guidance (and Jool is a bloody long way to go and then end up disqualified!), I'm going to say, carry on as you were. We'll sort things out properly once the dust settles. But no, I won't disqualify this particular run, regardless of what's decided on.
  2. To date, the only Caveman Rovers on Mun have been probe-core only, so a crewed one will be another first.
  3. That looks amazing! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Also, congrats on what I'm fairly sure is the first ever Caveman Rover on Minmus!
  4. Congratulations on obtaining your Apatite badge, @Rakaydos! I've added your name to the Cave Wall, not sure if you'd like the badge to go with it or not, since you don't currently have your earlier ones in your sig. Let me know what you'd prefer.
  5. According to @Deddly, it's (sort of) kind of a bug. But one that can be fixed by telling Steam to verify the game files. So it would appear there's a file that sometimes fails to be updated when Steam upgrades the game.
  6. Of course! How on earth did I forget to add this to the list of Caveman resources in the OP? That oversight has been corrected.
  7. Best of luck with this.. by my estimate, you're gonna need well over 1000 HG-5's.. maybe even several thousand. Excellent news! Welcome to the challenge! The 1.4-1.10 rules don't apply for 1.11-1.12. That's why this is a new thread, with its own rules. It was agreed that for this latest round of the challenge, DLC-based entries are no longer a separate category.
  8. I'm fairly sure it was.. I just copied the earlier settings, nothing has been changed. Wow.. I had no idea you even tracked our humble little challenge! I'm not aware of any challenge that has their own special mod! That would be more than a little cool. All of the above sounds great, to be honest, and being able to choose a difficulty level with a click or two would be fantastic. If you're willing to do it, that would be amazing. (Of course, this means I'll have to increase my monthly Patreon donation. I wouldn't feel right otherwise!) Umm.. you DO get a vote. Everyone in the Clan does. That's how tribes work. Very good point.
  9. Well... in the rules for the higher difficulty levels at least, there are pretty pictures to look at as well...
  10. Fair point.. but at the Nano-Crystalline Diamond difficulty level, there are times when the budget is too tight for that approach! Already covered. Check out the current rules on the OP. That's more-or-less the reason why we have 5 different Caveman Challenge threads. Any time the game has changed enough to warrant it, a new thread was started, and the rules evolved to suit.
  11. Yes, some things certainly have gotten easier in recent years.. no having to calculate dV and TWR by hand any more, especially. And we'd be honoured to have you take another shot at the challenge!
  12. So far as the mod that LGG made to toggle this goes, I think we'd have to classify it under "No mods that alter gameplay". But if someone already has it set 'on' in their main settings.. well, I'm not sure... Is this yet another thing we're going to have to ask for a photo of, to prove it's 'off'? Or, like so many other adjustments Squad have made to KSP over the last few versions, that have made Caveman life easier, do we simply bow to the inevitable? Speaking personally, I'm inclined to simply allow it, but I'd very much like to hear other viewpoints. Especially from those who've had to do ladder-riding missions, extended or otherwise. Interesting. And good to know that phantom forces have been reduced. I well remember the "fun" Cavemen had on interplanetary trips, having to ensure Bob was always correctly oriented on the ladder, to prevent things going off course. I can't imagine anyone missing that "feature", but since it comes at a price... well, I think some discussion is warranted. Thanks for doing the testing, and reporting on it. But the thing I really want to know is, how do you feel about it? Do you think we should embrace it, or insist that it be turned off? And in the spirit of how issues were traditionally dealt with in tribes, I'd like to convene a Clan Meeting of all Cavemen and Cavewomen, especially the senior members, to hear what they think. @GoSlash27, @Superfluous J, @Moesly_Armlis, @micha, @Terwin, @Bev7787, @joshudson, @Rakaydos, @IncongruousGoat, @ManEatingApe, @dvader, @Muetdhiver, @Speeding Mullet, @Mr. Peabody, @MinimalMinmus, @fourfa, @Jacke. As senior Clan members, you are all invited to share your thoughts on this development, and how we ought to handle it. Everyone else is welcome to express their opinions/ideas as well.
  13. Good to know.. thanks. Hmm.. I think it's time I go read up on the upcoming release.
  14. I'm not sure it will. After all, no rule change was needed when dV info was suddenly built into stock. Basically, the rules have always been, "you may use any tools supplied by stock." Or are you suggesting that after 1.12, we ban the use of external transfer planners? Not that we've seen yet. But I suspect it may require one of the "old hands" to explore the possibilities. Newcomers to the challenge tend to have their hands full just getting to grips with the challenge itself, without getting fancy.
  15. Congratulations, @WarSprite! Not only have you completed the challenge at Topaz level, and qualified for an Order of the Trilobite award, you've also pushed the knowledge boundaries of what Cavemen can achieve, by proving that even on Hard setting, it's possible to complete the challenge without any KSC science, without any Kerbin biome science, and without taking any contracts! Several of us, myself included, didn't think it could be done, and you've proven us wrong in spectacular fashion. It is now my great honour to present you with the Topaz Badge for completing the challenge on Hard difficulty setting, and with the Order of the Trilobite for reaching Duna! Your name has been carved on the cave wall and added to the List of Trilobite Awardees, and your badges will be in your inbox shortly. Ooga-booga!
  16. Confirmed. Edit: The rules in the OP have been updated to reflect this.
  17. Things are going well! Just so you know, you can set tank-use priorities in the VAB (right-click on the tanks) so that they are drained in the desired order, that way, often there's no need to turn off fuel feeds. (There are times it's still a useful thing to do, though.)
  18. Should you happen to have your heart set on a crewed landing, don't forget that a Mk-1 Lander Can is also lighter than the command pod. That's why I use it on my Caveman Minmus Landers.
  19. This is one of the reasons I prefer my own technique for encountering Minmus.. I always arrive at Minmus just as it's crossing Kerbin's orbital plane, and therefore there are no corrections to be made at all. Might not save a lot of dV, but every little bit helps! Ummm.. why go to the expense of circularising? So long as your Pe drops below 30km to get your "low space" science, you're good to go. Dropping your Ap down below 30km as well, is just an unnecessary waste of fuel.* There's nothing magical about a circular orbit, other than the visceral satisfaction it provides. Elliptical orbits are often just as good, and can, in fact, be more useful. * Though with an elliptical orbit, you should try to make your escape burn at close to Pe, so as to maximise the benefit you get from the Oberth Effect.
  20. Impressive work so far.. carry on! Don't forget that if a jet-rover isn't in the science budget, there's always the good 'ol Caveman Science Roller to fall back on. You should already have all the parts you need for that. A bit more painful to get around, for sure.. but it gets the job done!
  21. A most creative approach.. don't think I've seen anyone lob up 4 Science Jr's at a time before, not at this stage of a run, anyway. I probably spoke a little too soon. The real wall will be once you've harvested all the high/low Mun science. At that point, all the easy "low hanging fruit" is gone, and I suspect you'll find it hard getting enough science to unlock items essential to progress further. But.. best wishes. I'd love for you to prove me wrong.
  22. Hmm.. good thing they're "flexible" goals.. because I suspect that, especially since you're making an attempt at Topaz, that you're gonna run smack into a science wall before too long. And rubber walls hurt less than solid ones. Aaannnnddd..... There's the first of those walls I was talking about! Good luck, but I think you're about to learn just how flexible you'll need to be...
  23. G'day, @WarSprite! Welcome to KSP, to the forums, and to the Caveman Challenge! We look forward to seeing how you go..
  24. I use my account on KerbalX to do something similar. In addition to thus making them available to everyone, by using the KerbalX mod in-game, I can directly import craft from previous attempts into my new Caveman games, without having to build them again from scratch. Comes in very handy.
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