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  1. I still have so much to do and learn and teach to my nephews and children in KSP1 that you can take more time if you like.
  2. Charley575 to connect a tablet using the KERD remote display you will first need the IP address of your computer that is running KSP. There are a couple ways to do this in Windows but I prefer the command line. Open the "Run" dialog by pressing "windows key" + R. Open a command window by typing in "CMD" and hit enter. Type in "ipconfig" in the command window. Look beside "IPv4 address. . . . .:" under "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:". You should see something like or something similar. Type that number into the "Host" field of the "Telemachus properties" window on your tablet. Leave the port as 8085. Your IP address may be different and you ethernet adapter may be labelled something different but I hope you get the idea. EDIT: about my previous post I just realized I was talking about the Telemachus mod and not this one. I though they were the same. Still, it would be nice to have nav points on the map.
  3. I just tried this out last night and it worked pretty good. I have some suggestions though. I found editing the layout quite difficult and unintuitive. If it were click and drag to move and resize windows that would be awesome. On the basic non-webgl site... The map view would be even more awesome if it could show orientation as well as nav points. The flight controls could use better labelling, icons, and layout. That's my suggestions anyways.
  4. EBay you say? Never thought of that. I got some cheap Arduinos from miniinthebox.com as well as some thumb sticks and other doodads. They didn't have any switches or dials or led matrix drivers but I got a really good deal on basic components.
  5. 2 questions. Where are you getting your parts from? What does rw mean under the control section.
  6. I think you said you were planning on implementing every control possible. Does this include mod support? I have started ordering parts for my own controller and want to be able to control separate throttles for engine groups as well as a main throttle.
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