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  1. Yup! Updated for all your science needs! You can download the newest version from GitHub.
  2. I didn't play Kerbal in a while so i wasn't aware that it didn't work with 1.5.X. I'll patch it up/recompile it over the weekend.
  3. This is the first time i heard of this happening. During loading it only reads data and nothing is being written so i don't see how CraftHistory could have deleted all your craft files. Do you happen to have a log file from when this happened ?
  4. ASS doesn't care about planet names. I'll have a look into this when i find the time. Is this from a mod ? If so ASS will need a plugin to recognize this. If you want this so it's more realistic open up a feature request on GitHub and we will add the option when we find the time.
  5. What do the other ones do that CraftHistory can't do yet? I'm sure we can improve this situation! Do you have any log files for me? Could you add a Github issue? Could you please explain what happened to your loading screen?
  6. repLow => If your reputation is at the value you will get repDelta% penalty on your buy/sell price repHigh => If your reputation is higher than this you wont get a penalty repDelta => The % of the penalty that you get Also a new version is out!
  7. Not dead! Just slow to update. New version is out. Fixes display issue with 2 buttons and is now compatible to the latest KSP version!
  8. @drtedastro, @linuxgurugamer you can both open up a feature request on GitHub.
  9. Right-click on the RecoverAll or DestroyAll icon which will bring up the settings. There you have to select which types of craft you want to be visible. Following that you can close that window and use the main window again to recover or destroy everything that fits the specified categories. See the first post. Need your logs to be of any help.
  10. When you don't have the parts unlocked through research or they aren't available in your game at all cause of a removed mod.
  11. @Gordon Dry to me it looks like this is an issue with ProceduralParts/SmartTank as this sort of exception apears all over the log file and not just for ASS. I'll add a check for this in the next version of ASS, but stock and other mods will still show the very same exception. Could you create an issue for this on GitHub?