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  1. I wanted to drop in and tell you guys about the new website wide competition we have going. Every month the users pick a winner. The winner receives a video by a popular YouTuber and a cash prize. Every mod is automatically qualified, it just needs to be uploaded. Here is the first winner (our very own Kreuzung): http://xenolith.ws/post/37/mod-of-the-month-september-electrical-energy-plugin All about MotM: http://xenolith.ws/mod-of-the-month Thought I'd tell you since many KSP modders uploaded their mods to Xenolith.
  2. I really don't know why you had to make another, seriously. Xenolith has been around for months now: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/7878-The-Unofficial-Mod-Repository-for-KSP-%28Xenolith%29-UPDATE-10-09-2012
  3. What an amazing time it has been. We have been growing at an astounding rate each month. Now currently housing over 415 indie gamers! Thanks to everyone! I’ve been rather busy myself with work outside of Xenolith, therefore I didn't have much time for Xenolith. However I did find enough time to bring you this amazing update. Let’s start off with the obvious update. The new clean design. While working in my current job in a media agency with a professional designer I learnt a lot and used this knowledge to update the design and make it more accessible and modern. I hope you enjoy the new all-around cleaner look. Another new feature is the slick drop down control panel. It’s fixed at the top right corner and offers everything you already know and love. But now it’s less in the way and only pops up if you actually need it. The last cool feature is the new search engine which allows simultaneous mod title and tag search. You should find it to be more accurate and helpful. The rest are bug fixes, code optimizations and cross browser optimizations. IE users should be able to download and view pop ups properly now. If you are viewing the site and things look odd, I suggest refreshing the site. (F5 on Windows) You can view the entire site at http://xenolith.ws Happy gaming and continue being awesome!
  4. This is why I developed Xenolith. Modders really should think about hosting their mods with us, because... For those who didn\'t receive the newsletter or aren\'t yet registered: Thanks again guys!
  5. He, I excepted paper airplanes, but this is cool too
  6. Sorry, this reply took so long. You can always contact me under [email protected] I\'ll be waiting for your submissions
  7. Heyo, I\'m back from my vacation and have been super productive the last few days. I\'ve finally added tagging. This is something many of you really wanted. Tagging includes: [li]add/edit Tags[/li] [li]search by tags (good if you want to find other mods with this tag)[/li] [li]show similar mods based on tags (This is great if you want to find other cool mods)[/li] And other stuff: [li]updated search with game name and category[/li] [li]redid the add and edit mod form[/li] [li]redid the like and subscribe buttons, they now act like the youtube buttons[/li] [li]redid the 'okay, thanks' button in the update page[/li]
  8. @ping111 I added you. @Ted Mike just composed a guide on how to build a space plane: http://xenolith.ws/?page=post&id=20 If you want to write something like how to get into orbit with a space plane, that would be cool.
  9. @Wasteland Aye! Will be looking forward to that. ------ Remember: videos, podcasts, articles, tutorials, comics...everything goes! We\'ve been receiving great amount of people interested in working with us. Have a thanks from us! We\'ll try and find a spot for everyone.
  10. Well, uhm...what else should I do? It\'s an older thread and didn\'t want to open a new thread. Since we already have one going. Do you want me to re-open a thread every time I want to ask? That doesn\'t make sense, mate. I\'d just be cluttering the forums. This doesn\'t hurt, it\'s not even excessive. My last post was from May 12.
  11. Heyo, since many have been happy to join. How about a bump?
  12. Yeah But about loosing downloads, that\'s odd. Are you sure? The downloads are counted, not the files. They are separate in the database. Wouldn\'t help replacing them. The overall download counter counts all downloads that are connected to the mod. Can you send me an email with a detailed error report? as in how many you lost, what you did etc. EDIT: He was relating to a bug in the profile. I just fixed it. It was just a display bug.
  13. Added Source Code support. You can add source code to your mod! Perfect for plugins or snippets, that aren\'t complete mods. Or just in general, if you want to share your source code with the community.
  14. Yeah, currently I think all they did was just add wheels and the possibility to build horizontally. Planes still fly like rockets. As in no real gliding, up-draft etc.
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