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  1. Since it seems to be a hot issue, the stages do indeed clean up from landings real 'purdy, should they want them to look "fresh" for each flight(and I don't see why they wouldn't, unless its just to rub in the "this is a reused rocket!" part). http://spaceflightnow.com/2016/08/20/spacex-puts-historic-flown-rocket-on-permanent-display/
  2. Almost sounds like their relay/transmitter needs to be on a mini floating platform hardwired several hundred feet away from the barge.
  3. Mission complete. Good job SpaceX staff! Another double victory!
  4. $10 says we lose feed from ASDS during the attempted landing, if we even get a feed at all.
  5. LOL even SpaceX throws out the PokemonGo reference.
  6. I have technical on max volume with hosted in the forground, so I get technical updates with hosted enertainment. And of course the SpaceX stats live page in a smaller window. Best setup on one monitor IMHO.
  7. You would be fine paying an extra $300 on a new $30,000 car just because the salesman told you they have decided to charge only you more? SpaceX is a lean and frugal company, they don't just throw money around if they don't have to.
  8. http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/21/11988328/spacex-falcon-9-rocket-port-canaveral-florida-tariff-fees The heck? Go try to rip off someone else, not SpaceX.
  9. SpaceX is not exactly the pioneer of live launch broadcasts. I remember seeing shuttle launches live on TV.
  10. Don't know how your reading anything off of that, I can barely see the outline of a burning rocket, forget about seeing "rocket bounce".
  11. Apparently landing rockets has already become mundane, as the next launch is two days away and I don't see the hype building.
  12. I feel like that would cause undue heating of the LOX, unless it was for night only launches.
  13. I know one is scheduled for display at Hawthorne, but what rules out the other? Or are you just guessing because of the stresses from the hotter/faster landing?
  14. lol guys this thing came from space on a pillar of fire, though the fires of reentry. That tiny little campfire isn't going to do diddly squat to it.
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