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  1. 4 hours ago, steve_v said:

    Ok, just patched my (working) 1.1.1 up to 1.1.2, result:

    Set current directory to /home/steve/Games/KSP_linux-testing
    Found path: /home/steve/Games/KSP_linux-testing/KSP.x86_64
    Mono path[0] = '/home/steve/Games/KSP_linux-testing/KSP_Data/Managed'
    Mono path[1] = '/home/steve/Games/KSP_linux-testing/KSP_Data/Mono'
    Mono config path = '/home/steve/Games/KSP_linux-testing/KSP_Data/Mono/etc'
    displaymanager : xrandr version warning. 1.4
    client has 4 screens
    displaymanager screen (0)(HDMI-0): 1920 x 1080
    Using libudev for joystick management
    Importing game controller configs
    PlayerInitEngineNoGraphics settings: Could..... not preload global game manager #0   i=0
    Failed to initialize player

    On STDOUT, no game. Really guys? No log either.

    I've got the same thing. :huh:

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