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  1. as the title goes. I was pretty enjoying reading it every Friday when I was in college. What happened.
  2. The testing helicopter I built is gently turning in the opposite direction of rotor spinning, as if the torque is not completely accounted for and dampened by the rotor, and I have to apply manual rudder input to stop the spin. Then the rotor produced rolling torque because it is not built in line with CoM, and I seems to have to control that by applying manual collective input. I somehow understand that PID control is based on relationship between desired value and actual value, but I don't know what the desired value is in this context, and I may need documentation about that. Reading s
  3. It indeed outputs thrust when I add steering response and pid parameters, but it does not seem to automatically counter the torque of main rotor. Does mod author keep a documentation about how these PID factors works?
  4. Possibly Tweakscale. I did not test it now but I may or may not do it some time later.
  5. Plus, mod AJE turns ModuleResourceIntake into AJEInlet. Please add this to requirement where resource intake is needed. REQUIREMENT:NEEDS[AJE] { name = PartModuleUnlocked type = PartModuleUnlocked partModule = AJEInlet }
  6. I noticed that *SOME mod will rename ModuleControlSurface to SyncModuleControlSurface. This breaks Wright missions because it does not see ModuleControlSurface being unlocked. Please verify.
  7. Hi I noticed that helicopter tail rotors does not seem to produce counter thrust. I am using Airplane Plus and its config from here I am positively sure that the config format is correct. Please advise. Thank you.
  8. Question: Did the way spawning vessel changed after update to 1.3? When the mission spawn a vessel, it is not simulated until I get close to a range about 300m. I may take some time to investigate it today.
  9. I just checked the source file. There is literally nothing need to be changed for 1.3. Just grab a compiler you like and compile the source then we are good to go for 1.3. Because it is a bit difficult to go through the addon posting process, I would rather like the author do this. By the way this is really the must for all helicopter pilots.
  10. I currently made a super early access version of BDArmory compatible file. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuHsvHwWj38Cj7tfKtRJ5qLnvn8A-A Here is the file packed with edited source code. Both BDArmory and RPM used GNU GPL V3 license, and I believe one copy of that license is included. It is far less than completed. Note that the compatibility is not separated from the main project, and I have to separate it out. However I am not very much understanding RPM, so it could be hard, and I could be giving it up any moment. EDIT: After some research into MechJeb interface I found the proper
  11. You may want to change the default GUI location to the top left corner. I changed game resolution today and BDArmory GUI is missing on my screen, and I am assuming that it is out of the screen boundary. I just figured out that I can change them in setting.cfg.
  12. Saitek driver will cause lag in almost all unity games. If you do not really use the key mapping function, you can uninstall Saitek driver and use Win 10 stock driver only. The same topic comes up in Unity forum, but there is no good solution to this yet.
  13. I play tested it and I heavily recommend you to limit the maximum parts in one scene to no more than 200, that is 3-4 simple cylinder shaped crafts or no more than two complicated crafts. Due to the property of the game, any computer can hardly handle that many separated parts, no matter what spec does the machine actually have. Besides, removing some decorative parts may help a little in improving performance. Mission KAF-8, destroy FOB, two of FOB turrets spawned below terrain. Mission KAF-10, Eliminate Listening Outpost, SAM-4 site is on a too sloped mountain. It will
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