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  1. Hi there, quick question, does this mod work with 1.7.2 or is it yet to be adapted?
  2. Maybe it can, but I currently only have the first level of MechJeb unlocked, so even if it can, it can't right now.
  3. Its a science game, everything starts at max level
  4. Hello, Whenever I get into an orbit around kerbin, I lose the ability to place maneuver nodes along the orbit path. Before I reach orbit, this is not an issue. This is a science game with the following mods: Interstellar KAS KIS MechJeb2 NearFutureElectrical NearFutureSolar NearFuturePropulsion Kerbal Planatary Base Systems Community Tech Tree The mods were manually installed. I have not played in a while, so has there been a change that I don't no about that requires me to do something else to use the nodes in orbit? Update: Going to the space centre then back to the ship lets me place another node, testing whether getting into another orbit breaks the system again. Update: Moving into a second orbit doesn't require the "reset", however entering orbit on a different flight (launched after the first one) does. Update: The problem seems to have slightly stopped. It no longer happens every time, but it still happens occasionally upon a Mun flyby
  5. @DoctorDavinci Alright, well thanks for replying, you too @wasml
  6. Hello, in this thread there has been a lot of talk about if this works with radars. I am unsure of the outcome of this, is there an update or add on I can use to cloak from radars or is it either not possible or not finished yet? Thanks for the cool mod by the way.
  7. The guns cannot be fired through action groups. Only the missiles and bombs can. You need to click to fire the guns. Sorry about that.
  8. This calling in a strike sounds like a cool idea, I would like to see it.
  9. My turrets seem to attack me even after i have turned off guard mode. Any ideas?
  10. Nevermind, i just installed the mod incorrectly
  11. Whenever I try to launch, I get this (I couldn't upload the picture .) It says I am orbiting something called Blackey Karman. Anyone else have any problems like this or have the solution? The lazor mods I have are the core mod and lazor guided weapons.