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  1. Thanks Nathan Kell for pointing me out what I missed and to the Rp-0 mod. Overlook it! I converted my save to a Science Campaign, however will try RP-0 out in the not to distant future! Thanks for your contributions (replies and mods)!
  2. Hi RO Mod Devs! Thanks for this great addition. I played Kerbal for 300 hours, and only this mod has returned me a sense of challenge and excitement which was present in the first hours of regular Kerbal. I have one issue presently which I suspect relates to the labeling of parts as "Non RO" Specifically in my career game I have a Science part (e.g. Non RO - Ionization Chamber) which is labelled Non-RO. This issue arises that I am unable to complete the contract as the contract requires that the part be attached to the spacecraft, and does not recognize it due to the naming convention change. I tested renaming the part in my saved game file and when I log in to my game the contract shows then all conditions met, however I have to switch to the craft to complete the contract, and in doing so RO then relabels the part "Non-RO". Hence I am unable to complete. This was my only test, but it was consistent in two separate tries. My preferred solution would be to have only the descriptions changed, but not the names as this I suspect would solve it, while still informing me which parts are RO and which are not. Mostly I refer to this only for Tanks and Engines. In addition the name change is slightly annoying which searching parts out. Thanks for you consideration (or alternative solution if my testing is incorrect).
  3. Weak answer Kaspervid. Better would have been to offer to reach out to KerbalStuff and offer to take over the platform as a officially part of Kerbal. You benefit from the community, but are not willing to give a little back. This is highly unfortunate.
  4. Sure, then speak up and let Squad know you supported KerbalStuff and the work they did!
  5. Squad take note, in the eyes of the community you own the KerbalStuff problem. Kerbal is a great game, made even better by a community which contributed to your success directly. I don't see myself going forward and recommending KSP if a solution to this is not found.
  6. Quoted for Truth. I stopped recently with the rapid updates leaving many mods behind. If anything I would only return once the game reaches something akin to 0.90 stability and the modders can catch-up. KSP had lead me to become more aware of the downsides of continuous development. (not that there are not upsides, developer passion and attention is also a good thing). EDIT: Performance is also a noted concern of mine too, if the core product is not optimize, no amount of features and mods could bring me really back.
  7. 64-it / Unity 5 Stable, and that is it! Its time to stabilize the product, let the modders take over and think about Keral Space Program 2. Development should NOT continue forever, and the modders are covering player needs at this point.
  8. Agree with OP for the reasons stated here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/126466-Stabilization The modding community has to be recognized as contributing to the success of KSP, burning them out, and the players waiting on updates is a big downside to continuous development.
  9. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I see a big risk in a continuously ongoing development environment. Much of the success of KSP can be attributed to the community, and specifically the modding community. My sense is that the "Golden Age" of KSP took off from around 0.90 through today. That recognized, with each new patch, the modding community face a setback and have to update their content for compatibility. It need not be said they these selfless individuals work for free and create passion within the community with their content. Thereby it is understandably when modders burn-out from continuous updates and the demands for updates by the community who love their contributions. Alternatively new interests simply arise, and they move on in life. My wish is that development focus only on final “Stabilization†(Unity 5, 64-bit support, and improved resource/asset management). If any "content" related updates occur, then it should only focus on integrating selected mods for long term support. This will cement the modding community relationship, as opposed to wear it out. The rest can be saved for KSP 2. Perhaps it is overblow, however the have been cases recently where this occurred. (KW Rocketry comes to mind) I love KSP, and it's the first single game that I broke over 50 hours playtime within 20+ years of gaming. (currently 267 hours) My thanks goes out to the mod community, and to Squad! Thanks for your thoughts & feedback.
  10. KSP is a an a near perfect "engine" for me which has spawned a awesome community of mods and interaction. (Yes - I know Unity is the actual engine). However to make that leap to perfection 64-bit is a must as well as optimization of asset management. This is the one thing holding this game back from greatness beyond even Minecraft. While I am tempted to install Linux just to use 64 bit, its not a solution for everyone nor should it be. Keeping my thumbs crossed none the less. Thanks for a great platform Squad and thanks to the community.
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