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  1. This really brings me back to my ride on the hype train for KSP 1.0! HYPE!
  2. I was gonna go land on the Mun, but since I wanted to rush my build I forgot RCS thrusters, solar panels and the heat shield was too small. After about five hours (not exaggerating) of sitting at my desk, redoing maneuvers, quick saving and reloading, I finally made it back okay. I had to do an aerobrake around Kerbin for awhile and I managed to stage my parachute with 0.01 electric charge left. It was hell.
  3. @Cpt Kerbalkrunch I did perform an orbital survey, it didn't work. I also tried the Narrow Band Scanner, too, but not with a polar orbit. That might be why. But, if the M700 is more powerful why wouldn't it work?
  4. I have a problem. Recently, I launched a relay into stable polar orbit around Kerbin, and even though I'm below 600,000 km AND I have the M700 Survey Scanner, I still can't seem to cycle the Kerbnet view mode to resource mode. How can I access resource mode in Kerbnet? I'll post some screenshots below of what I'm trying to get across. This is the mode I want to see: Resource mode. This is a picture of my satellite: This is my satellite. This is my connection to Kerbin and my altitude: This is some information.
  5. Hello, may I have my name changed to: Chowderpat I don't use the name Powdercat at all anymore, because when I searched it up, a bunch of other people were using the name that I thought I came up with myself. Chowderpat is what I use for a lot of things now. Plus, I want to get back into Kerbal Space Program, I haven't played for a very long time. If you need proof that this is me, and not someone who managed to guess the password or something like that, you can check out my ROBLOX profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/22669908/profile My old name on that account was powdercat, now it's Chowderpat.
  6. Whoa, it's been awhile since I've visited this place.

  7. In my opinion, even though the Wii U isn't the most powerful and up to date system, I think it'll run pretty smoothly. KSP runs on my laptop, and my laptop can hardly run anything.
  8. Don't fly 5000 meters above sea level or more at 900 m/s or more. It just turns into a giant fireball.
  9. In my opinion, KSP is the best game ever created, and if you ever need help, there is a good community stand by your side! P.S. - I think it's better than Minecraft.
  10. Bad gateway! TURN THE TRAIN A BIT LEFT!
  12. The only way the hype train will reach max speed is if we play a neat song, how about this?:
  13. Just in case you guys get tired, here is a 14 minutes rap song:
  14. Shove the hypecoal into the hypecontainer, and make the hype train hype! Hallelujah!
  15. I can't wait for Dres-Steroids. They sound so cool!
  16. What? I thought they said the download would be available on the 27th.
  17. GUYS! I tried going to KSP.com, it says it is in maintenance! OMG! It says this: [h=1]Server Migration[/h]Kerbal Space Program website is in maintenance mode while we are performing a Server Migration. We appreciate your patience. - Squad Team
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