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  1. I just noticed that the mod doesn't work well with 1.8 so we will be working on that.
  2. I bet you that generally that's not going to harm you when it's the only one of the two in that war that are available for this application. So you get the passionate supporters of that language but also, since their preferred language is not available, people who are on the other side of the war would probably prefer it over nothing.
  3. We came from the same situation. You're welcome to contribute as well, if you would like. I probably should have promoted the mod more.
  4. I see. You simply can't buy KSP2 because you cannot play a game at all which doesn't allow crafts with 10000 parts. Makes sense. I guess we who enjoy playing a game with ships that have less than 10,000 parts will be perfectly happy, though.
  5. Me and @firda have created an in-game scripting system with repl and intellisense for KSP 1 that can be used like K-Os. One of the scripting langauges is Lua. If the devs don't provide this to you in KSP2, we will. (Only well tested for KSP 1.7 right now but we're updating for 1.8) Documentation may have a lot of outdated stuff. We will be cleaning up the documentation in the future. (Some of the api stuff in the videos is outdated)
  6. Breaks muh immersion. The particular orbit of the planet. Which determines what the craft will need in terms of life support. Also determines how often you get an option for alignment and return trip. Complicated system of moons which leads to novel mission requirements or opportunities. How high the atmosphere goes. The gravity of the planets/moons. Presense of atmosphere or atmospheric composition (for in-situ considerations). Temperature. (If we start making that matter, which mods may do if they don't). If they design a good tech-tree the choices made in each play through could be really interesting. All these things should be figured out by missions you are given to place telescopes in orbit and send probes. Rather than probes/telescopes/satellites missions being purely random. I think scientists should be giving sensible missions to allow you to proceed forward, and even telling you exactly where the science is (rather than missions that say stuff like "return science from orbit of the mun" when no "science" is actually left there) I just want it to be a separate DLC later on and separate game mode. I don't want them delaying the release for this.
  7. If you limit it to far out star systems, then you're doing all that uniqe exploration with far out tech. The most interesting challenges will be novel systems when you are low on tech. "Everyone can share a common experience". This is the problem. Because then people just look online to get the answers. They're not really exploring. Also what should be "common" imo is the ability to understand general space exploration. Civ series is a "common experience" even though the default is to use maps that are randomized. Like in Civ, you don't have to just use random maps, for example "kerbal classic" "ksp 2" "real solar system". Like in minecraft you could let people choose a seed, and people would be sharing their seeds. A fresh new experience with each new game, or trying out an interesting map someone has found a seed for or found in a mod.
  8. Most important part about exploration is figuring out the challenge of landing on a new planet, a new gravitational/atmospheric/biome/orbit configuration. It should be the normal circumstance to send probes to a planet to figure these things out prior to landing (you should receive missions for this) rather than looking it up online, or going from memory. I'd prefer them adding it as a DLC though. I don't want them to delay launch for this. Also it would be sweet to have a big incentive to go a diffferent path through the tech tree based on the unique system you have to deal with.
  9. PROCEDURAL PLANETS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD You're not exploring if you've been there 50 times already.
  10. The thing about really far out there technologies is that in real life by the time we get to them, they may not even be relevant anymore.
  11. I was literally working on a ksp mod with that as one of the goals
  12. Me and @firda are going to provide scripting tools for KSP 2 if devs don't provide it. We have successfully created an in-game scripting shell for KSP 1 already. And if they do provide them, I think we'll try to add more features. And I know you meant that they should add it instead of it being a mod, but one of the goals for our project will be that you can write mods in it because it allows low-level access to the C#/dotnet classes.
  13. I swear I had checked prior to making that post. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is now listed the right way. I think it was because I had the old version still installed. Once I installed the new version it immediately updated the author list in the ckan application. I guess I was assuming the author list shown was either using most recent metadata regardless of version, or it would show author list based on newest version availabe, not installed version. My bad. Alternatively, I suppose, it could have just not have updated until now.