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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ArEHD3Ajzo]Link One of the first things I did in 0.20 was a full Apollo mission, rover and all. Now my Exams are over I got to editing it and here it is!
  2. Earlier this month I made this Video of a rather cool car I made: Several people asked for the craft file and after a bit of tweaking I feel it's ready for release! A few quick notes: It's just a bit of fun so it NEEDs Infinite fuel and Infinite RCS to work due to lacking fuel-lines and any significant amount of fuel. It would work with fuel lines but only for a very short time. Also READ THE README INCLUDED! It has all the control listed. Space car! Holds up to two kerbals* *Kerbals not included Please read the read-me before asking why it doesn't work/doesn't fly well. Download! MODS: You need KSPX Expansion pack to use this: Expansion pack download Mechjeb is purely option and honestly unnecessary for getting to orbit unless you are a lazy/terrible pilot like me!
  3. I learnt how to dock with mechjeb 1 so prefer to do it that way, with +Par or -Par to orientate it's not hard to translate manually.
  4. Link! So I built a rover/car with rocket boosts. Still working on getting the balance of the rockets perfect so that I can take it to other planets (infinite fuel cheat as it's so small and so fuel hungry)
  5. It's a gas giant, the only reason why it has a "surface" in KSP is so that it worked with the planet code. Like how Kerbol has a "surface" which is instant-death.
  6. My ideas on this are: The white circles are the four inner planets and the orange is Kol/the sun. Going down: Duna, Kerbin(far left, perhaps due to life?), Eve, Moho. OR it's the planets minus Duna, Kerbin still fits into the same slot to the left. [this also puts Kerbin where Kerbal is in the upside-down KSP logo made of white lines) OR if Duna's not a white circle then the orange circle could be Duna. The top blueish circle doesn't seem to be part of the Kol system, and has an arrow from it pointing down to a triangle along with a dotted white line next to the red arrow. The triangle is slightly rounded so it could be a mountain, possible the location of an observatory and as such where this was sent from? The triangle could also be the emitter, like our SETI, but has degraded over time and so the signal is weaker. But the signal wasn't found on a mountain and that doesn't explain why there's an arrow pointing down to it from a semicircle, or what appears to be a black line leading down and to the right into the orange circle. If the Orange circle is Duna then it could mean something is(or will be in later updates) at the south-pole(which there is; lots of odd marks spreading out radially). The semi-circle could be the bottom half of Ike, with the red line signifying that it orbits Duna not Kol? Overall nothing can be tested till we get 0.18 and more clues, but till then we can at least try to decode it and make a list of plausible answers to test. The arrow could actually be telling us to read top-down rather than looking at it as a picture.
  7. I'm curious how people play KSP. I much prefer the designing part to the flying part and love how pretty KSP is (I've taken over 150 pictures in 0.17...) and so let mechjeb do the flying while I admire the view. I avoid having to develop new launch vehicles, instead preferring to add extra fuel or SRBs to my existing designs. I don't build space planes, Though I have messed about with planes and gliders I've never taken one to space(under it's own power; I did test a re-entry glider by strapping it to a rocket).
  8. Given the military budget is $530billion compared to NASA's $17billion I don't see how a bit more to NASA would be a disaster. Trade a submarine for a moon base!
  9. I'm using mechjeb to make a mun base, and I forgot to change the coordinates between landings and mechjeb being as perfect as ever managed to land on top of the last lander and destroy both of them...
  10. I'm having some problems with the targeted (coordinate) landing. I managed to land two landers next to each other on Mun but now when I try to land a third mechjeb deorbits way too early and lands 100s of Kms off. I've got the cords right but it just messes up.
  11. Yeah, I ALWAYS strut interstage. It looks nicer and prevents Rapid Unplanned Disassembly.
  12. Some useful parts that mods have added but should be vanilla: -Powered Rover Wheels. (small and big varieties to cope with both tiny rovers and giant mobile platforms) -Solar panels, batteries and Ion engines. -Parts which can be crewed (like crewtank) -Lights, Some nice bright landing flood lights for landing at poles or at night. -Unmanned capsules. Really light probes and rovers.
  13. I've got quite the project made of multiple missions. Project Mun Base Aim: To create a mun base. Green - Completes/Success Orange - In progress Red - Failure Blue - Not started/minimal progress Mission 1: Scouting missions Stage 1: Planing -1 man lander picked for scouting. -3 locations along the mun's equator picked for landing at. ---- Stage 2:Scouting -Landers to scout out locations to ensure their suitability. stage 2A: Scouting mission Alpha. -Lander works flawlessly. -Location picked is flat and easy to land at. -- stage 3B: Scouting mission Beta. -Location picked is heavily inclined, Not suitable for heavy landers. --Site Alpha preferred so far. stage 3C: Scouting mission Gamma. -Location picked is inclined, Suitable for heavy landers. Rovers would need to be fitted with legs for parking. -Location close to Mun Arch. --Site Gamma selected due to significant scientific interest in Mun arch. ---- Stage 3: Testing of heavy lander on site Gamma -Lander is perfectly suited. -Low fuel reserved questioned. Future redesigns may add drop tanks. Mission 2: Mun base establishment -Establish Mun base at Mun arch. ---- Stage 1: Development of Mun base modules Stage 1A: module Alpha -Habitat module. -Crew tank Stage 1B: module Beta -Storage module Stage 1C: module Gamma -Power module -Solar panel mod required 1D: Module Delta -[CONFIDENTIAL]- -Mods needed ---- Stage 2: Development of Mun base Support vehicles Stage 2A: Mun shuttle -Vehicle to get Kerbals to and from the mun. -Needs significant fuel to improve ability to choose landing site. Stage 2B: Mun Personnel Transport -Vehicle to move Kerbals around the Mun. -Preferably reasonably fast and easy to handle. Stage 2C: Cargo Lander -Modified heavy lander to 1 kerbal. -returning not required. -must be able to land; Module Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and MPT. ---- Stage 2: Landings -Land modules at location. Stage 2A: Land Module Alpha -Test individually. Stage 2B: Land Module Beta -Test individually. Stage 2C: Land Module Gamma -Test individually. Stage 2D: Land MPT -Test individually. Stage 2E: Testing and adjustment -Ensure all systems work together and modify designs for any unseen failings. ---- Stage 3: Crewing -Land Mun shuttle near base. -Use MPT as a bus to take new kerbalnauts to base. Stage 4: Land Module Delta -Deploy Module Delta. -Shuttle Kerbalnauts to Module Delta. -[CONFIDENTIAL]- /mission Then I plan to go to a diffrent planet because 0.17 is NOW OUT! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAY /dies.
  14. I'm terrible at that sort of thing and the fuel margin isn't as big as I'd hoped. I'm going to leave it there and land future missions around the mun arch, as it's the first artefact i've found. I kinda want to fiddle with rendezvous and crew transfer given a docking mod is being made, Now I have the Orbital Bakery which can take 9 it's not hard to make a rocket that can deliver/return kerbals to it (use mechjeb for de-orbiting when empty) to get a full company of 9. Then the next target is to build a mun base, The vehicles I want to build are; Mun habitat module, 3 kerbal mun rover and some form of crew vehicle for getting kerbals there and back.
  15. Getting to Kerbin orbit will be very, very difficult. You need to put ALL the energy to get to orbit into the kerbal at once. Of course you have some savings in not having to lift fuel but this is offset by all the burn being in high atmosphere inducing aero-braking hard and fast due to the velocity and you need to burn several tons of fuel in less than a second to boast the kerbal into orbit.
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