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  1. I love this, I started work on adding Jupiter's moons before I found this, perhaps I could help you make this pack even bigger and better?
  2. Perhaps by modifying something like the arc on Mun and put it on top of the planets plane?
  3. Today I sent a probe to Minmus to do some scans, and then realized after I had put it on a nice rendezvous with Minmus that I had only attached a Communotron 32 which thanks to RemoteTech doesn't have sufficient range. So it flings by Minmus, uncontrollable, heading back to Kerbin, realize I can still use the scanners on Kerbin so I set up a proper orbit there. I run out of fuel before I can do a polar orbit so I spend about a long time using RCS to put it into the right inclination. I do some fast forwarding, see I have a bunch of science I can collect, runs it in normal time when I pass the
  4. You should only put things in git that are relevant to your setup. Having Gamedata and all the mods there doesn't make sense IMHO. CKAN is special, since having the installed-default.ckan in git doesn't work, as it'll be overwritten first time you do a "ckan scan" or "ckan list". That's why I do a copy of the original to another file so I can keep that file up to date and use it to keep my CKAN install up to date. I looked into Jebretary, it looks neat! I saw you needed some help with it as well, any specifics?
  5. Yup, that's true. I added the scenario and tutorial folder to .gitignore, a better way could probably be to gitignore everything and just force the folders you want to sync. - - - Updated - - - That's way too easy, that's not the Kerbal way! - - - Updated - - - You can do that too, but I wanted a way to share my stuff as well (like entire setups, saves, ships etc) for anyone who'd like to see anything someone else has created.
  6. Hi fellow Kerbonauts! I use a mix of Windows and Mac and I play KSP on both. I wanted to have the same setup (saves, ships and mods) on both, so I created a (fairly) simple to use guide to keep things in sync. What do you think? The guide is located here: https://gist.github.com/jonasrosland/38ae48312267c6c9dd3b
  7. I just realized that this could be fun to use with the new Ore resource. Let's see what we can come up with!
  8. 67P is a comet, not an asteroid That's not to say they can't be added, but the scope of the project never included comets.
  9. So, you want more asteroids? There's now a script called asteroids.py in the scripts folder that reads data from asteroids.csv (created from the JPL database) and automatically generates thousands of asteroids with as accurate data as possible. Use it, and copy the asteroids you want into your Kopernicus library. TODO: Create a number of randomly generated textures to use for the asteroids. Anyone feel up for the task? Have fun
  10. I think if we were to tie a specific asteroid (like Bennu) to a specific mission (like OSIRIS-REx) that would make a lot of sense, and I'd gladly test things out for you. Also, SpawnVessel could be fun to play with where you can create alien vessels that may or may not be abandoned, sending out some sort of signal and it's up to you, brave Kerbal, to rendezvous with it and gather science. No idea if that's been done already.
  11. That sounds like a great addition, will try it out! - - - Updated - - - Now THAT sounds like fun! Land on an asteroid, steal its moon, and make a mission out of it.
  12. Thank you, and thank you for creating Contract Configurator, it's an awesome tool!
  13. Hi all! Long time reader/player, first time poster. Me and two very smart and funny people created a base of an add-on for KSP this weekend as part of the International Space Apps Challenge, and would like to share it with you. Some info on the International Space Apps Challenge: Challenge info: https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org/challenge/asteroids-2025-2100-future-history/ Our project: https://2015.spaceappschallenge.org/project/explore-capture-and-redirect-real-asteroids-in-kerbal-space-program/ What is it? Short explanation of our add-on it is that we used three mods, CustomAsteroids, Kop
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