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  1. The ascent script is likely not suitable for RSS/RO. In RSS/RO, you don't really coast to apoapsis. Instead, you often circularize at or after apoapsis (when you are falling back to earth). I also have an ascent script for RO/RSS, which basically does this: - Go straight up - At some predefined speed, make a gravity turn (speed differs per rocket, determined by trial and error) - Let the rocket go prograde until altitude is over 100km and apogee is over 200km. - Then if we didn't fall over our apogee, pitch slightly down. Once we fall over our apogee, pitch slightly up. Most of my rockets typically circularize at apogee. Another advantage of my ascent script is that I simply let the rocket follow prograde throughout the dense parts of the atmosphere, so I can set 4x timewarp. (It takes 8-9 minutes usually to get into LEO. With 4x timewarp, this is 2-3 minutes).
  2. First of all, great mod. I cannot image playing KSP without it. I do have a question. I use RSS+RO+RP-1 (with RemoteTech). Is it possible to transfer the the ScienceData from an experiment (like barometer) to a probe core., assuming the probe core has a ModuleScienceContainer? I can do it manually (with the Ship Manifest mod), but that only works when a have an active connection to the ship, and with the normal signal delay. I have a feeling KOS should be able to do the same, but I cannot find out how. What I tried: - The ModuleScienceContainer has an action "Collect All", but that does nothing. - I tried the TransferAll from the resource transfer functionality. But apparently, the ScienceData is not in the Resources collection of the part that contains the ModuleScienceExperiment. So I cannot transfer it. Anybody any ideas? The purpose is to use it in a automated script that collects sciencedata during a flyby (like Venus), and keeps collecting sciencedata when the planet is between the probe and earth (no connection). What I do now is having many duplicates of all Science experiments on board (like 3 thermometers). But I'd like to have just one science experiment, that collects data and transfers it automatically the the probe core. Maybe the ScienceData of an experiment needs to be in the Resources collection of the part?
  3. This one worked for me: https://github.com/PhineasFreak/FreedomTextures
  4. This small guide worked for me, thanks. I am on KSP v1.2.2 and did indeed need to use Scatterer v0.0300, and not the latest v0.0320. Using the v0.0320 resulted in no oceans, very dark blue sky, and a green atmosphere around 70-170km. However, I had some difficulties finding the older Scatterer v0.0300. To save others the same trouble, here it is: https://spacedock.info/mod/141/scatterer/download/0.0300 Thanks for the great work everyone involved.