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  1. For me ISRU seems to overheat easily IF container is full of ore before i start ISRU, this makes ISRU work at high load and overheat easy. If i start drill & ISRU at same time ISRU works at very light load (1% or so) and doesn't seem to overheat. As for drill overheating i assume it only means that the place you are drilling is 'empty'.
  2. Well.. I tried second time on minmus: This time i landed on south pole of minmus and drilling seems to work. Earlier try was (i assume) 'great flats' biome. From first landing spot i got enough ore to make about 1000 units of fuel and oxidizer before drill went idle and overheated. Then I flew a few kilometres and from 2nd spot i managed to mine enough to ore fill fuel tanks, that is about 12000 units (kg?) of fuel and oxidizer. So i suppose it's about biomes.. should learn how those work :-P
  3. Heyap, newbie asking stuff.. ^^ Why my "Drill-o-matic" mining excavator, ISRU converter and large holding tank doesn't work at minmus? I get tiny amount of ore and after that drill just keeps overheating almost instantly. When i tested same setup at kerbal it was working nice without overheating and gets my lander refueled. Is there somewhere a mining map or other source which would show where mining works and where it doesn't? Game is non-modded ver 1.0