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  1. Loskene

    Getting a probe to the sun

    A gravity assist from Jool is probably the most efficient way to lower your Perikerbol (Perikelion?) if you're not worried about time, but I generally just go direct with excessive delta-v and a clean Kerbin-retrograde ejection. You don't need to get it that low just to skim the low orbit region for a science pass.
  2. Loskene

    using NUMPAD keys for translational RCS?

    That's a good idea and I don't know why I never thought of it before. I guess the cluttered translation controls layout (which is done for the benefit of numpadless-keyboards) never really annoyed me enough to go looking for a solution. I haven't got KSP open either right now but I'm pretty sure you can remap every major and most minor controls.
  3. Loskene

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Is that what I think it is?
  4. Loskene

    What did you do in KSP today?

    This game will give you a bad kase of the kerbals before you know it
  5. Loskene

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Hahaha, I've been calling mine Kalyut.
  6. Loskene

    Pointy end up?

    And here we feature a piece by a classic impressionist of modern times, entitled "Reaction Wheels Are OP" circa 2019
  7. Loskene

    It snows?

    Some visual packs have weather effects, like dust storms on duna or the minty mist on minmus' flats. Either that or your graphics card is dying.
  8. Always a bit boggling to find the sort by size option in the VAB appears to sort them by height or volume (not sure, there's a lot of intermixing in the transitions between part sizes) rather than diameter, which is our most commonly needed metric for building rockets. Seems like it was just set up that way without thinking it through and never revisited since.
  9. Loskene

    Have I re-found the Magic Boulder????????

    Yep, you sure did. The magic boulder was brought back as a rare easter egg when intercepting normal asteroids a while back. They come in a few different colours, a good incentive to go rockhopping. Y'know I just had an idea for a challenge, thinking about rockhopping. Build an asteroid station by intercepting and grabbing as many asteroids as possible before your ship is too heavy to move. More points for more asteroids, bonus points for bigger asteroids, winner winner chicken dinner for a magic boulder.
  10. I added a crude mockup of the kind of indicator/toggle switch I described in an earlier post there, to see how well it gets the message across in a universal language.
  11. I actually have to come back and complement you again on the trailers because I've watched them all now, and I actually have to ask if editing is your day job, because they're incredibly well done.
  12. Yo the editing on that trailer was slick, nice job, I'll probably give this one a go.
  13. Well, mystery solved. I suppose the reason many of us never seem to have made the connection is because during the phases of flight where that tiny indicator would change colour, the player would have their hands full doing more important things, and so never noticed when and why it changed.
  14. Loskene

    Is using the cheats menu bad?

    Yeah, as a simulation tool it's vital, and it's why hyperedit exists, as a more accessible and powerful debug menu. Y'know if the MH mission builder was more integrated into the main game sandbox experience it might actually be more useful for testing and simulation purposes than having to open and (at first) figure out how to use the cheat menu. Imagine halfway through a career game or just inside your sandbox save that has all your main craft and subassemblies tied to it: "Damn I need to test this very complicated, very expensive interplanetary spaceship because I can't afford a stupid launch failure and I have revert to VAB turned off." Open the mission editor from the VAB or space center screen, import the craft you want to test, define the mission location and objectives with as much precision or detail as you need, and off you pop as many times as you like until you get it right. Then exit back to space center and launch for real. I think having to go out into the main menu or copy existing craft files from my saves into the editor directory are the main reasons I've never used it.
  15. Well now, the plot thickens. Makes me wonder if anyone, at any time since it was added, has clicked the triangle to see what it does. I certainly don't remember ever thinking in my playtime "I need to retract the altimeter" and so never would have thought to look for a control for it.