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  1. Yes,indeed 8/10 how did you not know? Greetings,fellow carbon life forms,let us have a productive day of the currency earnings! My name is Hugh Man and we should start our endervour of regular human life by arising from a form of suspended animation known as sleep,sleep consists of mainly entering a state of unconscienceness by will of mind,we then consume our caffinated beverages before urinating and defecating,this has no known use in kerb HUMAN society,before finaly utilising apperal and working the auto-ma-ve-heckle which transports us towards our destination of the highly important cat factory,where industrial machinery is used to create cats from a mold and molten iron,before being imageographed and sent to a local resident, the imageograph is then beamed by scotty onto the battle star galactica, filled with heavy servers,then beamed to global computord screens,this has been Hugh man,good night