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  1. Digitally Imported , Space Music radio station is what I usually go for. But I recommend "The Race For Space" by Public Service Broadcasting... Any other suggestions?
  2. So once in a while, once every four or five years that is, I get a little sad. I get a little sad because I stumble upon a game that reminds me how amazing my relationship with my computer can be. Unfortunately it seldom is that good. KSP granted me such a little moment. I bought it a few years ago because the concept appealed to me, but never really got into it. Until yesterday morning. KSP is really really great, but I am even more excited with the potential. I can already picture a "survival-game-on-an-uknown-planet-with-flesh-eating-plants-mod" for example. And I haven't even tried any mods yet. Most of all though, I find amazing how much the game makes me want to learn. It makes me want to learn about Space, the Universe, Stephen Hawkin etc. It pushes me to resign from my job tomorrow and enroll in a Astrophysics university course the day after tomorrow. With a space mission about to reach Pluto for the first time next month, this game is relevant. It would be amazing if the earthlings could follow the example of the Kerbals, forget their territorial disputes over countries, borders and so on, unite and focus their attention towards science and towards the stars. Fëanor