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  1. I have already experienced this bug while playing my modded game. If it happens again, look for incorrectly installed mods or mods that were not properly removed by CKAN, if you use it. This helped me avoid this bug and some others, such as planet textures disappearing.
  2. My biggest fail was my first attempt to rescue a kerbal from orbit. I spent an entire afternoon trying to rendezvous, and when I finally managed to get him into the rocket I noticed the chutes were missing.
  3. You can use the delta V readings from MechJeb to help you calculate how "far" your rocket can go and avoid running out of fuel. A round trip to the surface of the Mun, for example, requires around 7000 m/s.
  4. You probably left the apoapsis option selected on the circularize maneuver, but there is no apoapsis because you are following a hyperbolic trajectory. You should circularize at the periapsis. Why are you crashing? Are you running out of fuel or you are not able to deaccelerate fast enough? I guess the problem is your 400km orbit, you should have a much lower circular orbit around Mun when going for landing, something like 20km or even less. Landing directly from such a high orbit is not really fuel efficient, and you have to take care when to start your suicide burn. Maybe starting it at 20000 km is not enough given your twr. Hope this helps!
  5. I've been trying to create procedural tanks for CommunityResourcePack fuels with no success. For example, my ArgonGas fuel tank shows up in the VAB/SPH and I can resize it, but there is no fuel on the tank . Could someone please give me a hint on how could I make this work? I already made procedural parts for the USI-LS resources and it was quite easy, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong right now. Procedural ArgonGas Tank cfg file I modified (from the orignal procedural XenonGas tank): PART:NEEDS[CommunityResourcePack] { // --- general parameters --- name = proceduralTankArgon module = Part author = AncientGammoner, NathanKell, Swamp Ig, Eggman360 // --- asset parameters --- MODEL { model = ProceduralParts/Parts/cylinderTank scale = 1,1,1 } scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 1 // --- node definitions --- node_stack_top=0,0.5,0,0,1,0,1 node_stack_bottom=0,-0.5,0,0,-1,0,1 node_attach=0,0,0.5,0,0,-1,1 // --- editor parameters --- cost = 0 // 4000 TechRequired = ionPropulsion entryCost = 4000 category = FuelTank subcategory = 0 title = Procedural Argon Tank manufacturer = Found lying by the side of the road description = Made from viscoelastic nanopolymers (which were discovered by accident... growing in the back of the office mini-fridge) this fuel tank can be stretched to accommodate fuel loads of a range of sizes and shapes. Hardens to a rigid structure before launch! // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0 // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 1 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 7 breakingForce = 50 breakingTorque = 50 maxTemp = 2000 RESOURCE { name = ArgonGas amount = 747.5 maxAmount = 747.5 } MODULE { name = ProceduralPart textureSet = Copernicus TECHLIMIT { // FL-R25 - 1.25 x 0.5706054 m = 0.700238177 kL name = ionPropulsion diameterMin = 0.125 diameterMax = 0.75 lengthMin = 0.1 lengthMax = 0.75 volumeMin = 0.02 volumeMax = 0.2 } TECHLIMIT { // Make everything unlimited for metaMaterials name = metaMaterials diameterMin = 0.01 diameterMax = Infinity lengthMin = 0.01 lengthMax = Infinity volumeMin = 0.01 volumeMax = Infinity } } MODULE { name = ProceduralShapeCylinder displayName = Cylinder techRequired = start length = 0.3 diameter = 0.625 } MODULE { name = ProceduralShapeCone displayName = Cone techRequired = start length = 0.3 topDiameter = 0.162 bottomDiameter = 0.625 } MODULE { name = ProceduralShapePill displayName = Fillet Cylinder techRequired = advConstruction length = 0.3 diameter = 0.625 fillet = 0.25 } MODULE { name = ProceduralShapeBezierCone displayName = Smooth Cone techRequired = advConstruction selectedShape = Round #1 length = 0.3 topDiameter = 0.162 bottomDiameter = 0.625 } MODULE { name = TankContentSwitcher useVolume = true // Dry density and fuel units per kL are all over the shop for RCS dryDensity = 0.5801 TANK_TYPE_OPTION { name = ArgonGas RESOURCE { name = ArgonGas unitsPerT = 14000 } } } }
  6. Take a look at the error.log file. It will show the memory usage at the time of the crash. It seems like a memory related issue: there are some memory leaks in ksp, specially when changing scenes (such as entering/leaving the VAB), and when ksp reachs the ram usage limit it crashes. My guess is that you are playing with full textures resolution, and doing that with mods may demand a lot of ram memory. If this is the case, try lowering the texture resolution and make sure terrain scattering is disabled. There is also a memory usage indicator mod that is quite useful.
  7. Well, the saves are just text files with all your career data (ships, contracts...). You could open it and see if there is something wrong, perhaps compare it to a new save game. You could also try creating a new career save and then copying sections of your old file into the new save. Do the contracts, then the ships, etc... Maybe your recovered files got corrupted and restoring it by sections might give you a clue where the problem is and eventually fix it. These are guesses thought, I never edited a savefile but I know you can open and read them.
  8. Yes, they are perfect for that. I always attach one or two of the small drogue chutes to every spaceplane design, as they are small and lightweight.
  9. Yes, this works. I use this tweak to build my space stations with KIS, so I can save a few parts (docking ports).
  10. My biggest sin is using KIS to build space stations in orbit without using too many docking ports. I edited the cfg files increasing the max weight and distance of the grab feature, so now engineers are able to attach big parts to the station. Now, docking ports are only used for docking other ships or temporary modules. It helps keeping the part count a bit lower.
  11. I never thought about that! Thank you so much, I'm going to copy my game folder right now!!
  12. Roverdude mods will fill a lot of nodes on the bottom of the tree, specially the colonization and life support ones. You can find them all here:
  13. I'm trying to build a rover from scratch on Duna and I encountered some difficulties... The most straightforward way would be to use a ground base, attach the first part on it and then attach the remaining parts, then remove the ground base (through scrap part or grab) when the job is done. However this last step cannot be done, as there is another part attached to it. Building the rover on the ground without having a part attached to anything usually results in failure, as the first part is likely to explode when left on the ground or the whole rover may "jump" away when something like a wheel is attached to it. Has anyone succeeded making a rover from scratch using KIS? I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong... Having the possibility to remove the ground base after the rover is finished would make everything easier...