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  1. KBE has decided to end research and development on a single-vehicle lander in favor of a dual-vehicle lander, which apparently uses less fuel and resembles the "Apollo" mission of the mythical Earth. This project is now released out to the community, and further development and distribution by the community is allowed/encouraged as long as the original author is mentioned.
  2. Hey-O! Minor update, got the ascent tank and engine into a working(kind of) mesh. Using placeholder values atm. Also, releasing unfinished project, but not in Addon Releases, since it's largely unfinished (links in first post) [spoiler=Hello there tiny tank and tiny engine ]
  3. This two meter lander in development was an idea I had after the 0.16 update. We've got all new command pods with EVA! Wanting to make a custom module with 2 crew, I looked around to find that the 0.16 part tools that was necessary wasn't out yet. So the next best thing until the wait is a 2 meter lander. I'm not expecting for this project to develop much after a month (because I've got stuff to do , and hopefully the parttools is out by then), but here goes! It's worth mentioning that the lander I'm building is a mix of whatever I've seen on the web, and not at all a direct representation of
  4. Head on to 7zip.org, there aren\'t any official OSX packages, but you can try p7zip or keka, both mentioned on the 7zip site. And it might not be any benefit, but the .7z format is much faster than .zip; .7z can have higher compression without compromising decompression time, compared to .zip (I don\'t remember very well, but I think that\'s how it goes). Not too mention 7zip is open source! ;D
  5. If you hit 'n' in the 3D window, it toggles properties panel on the right. It gives you location, rotation, and scale; you can edit the values too. I assume this is what your looking for, either way it\'d be a good idea to head to the blender wiki/forum, great tutorials and blender-specific help (also look for other keyboard shortcuts; they help a lot, especially on complex models). Here is a good Blender crash course:http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro Don\'t laugh at the name, it\'s very helpful on the first days, and even long after, good to look at after Blender updates. O
  6. folder should be 'textures' in plural, not 'texture'. I just dl\'ed the model to test it; works fine in the VAB.
  7. Check out this post: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=4032.msg248040#msg248040 (I\'m too lazy to retype it, )
  8. So now that we\'ve got EVA in 0.16, there\'s a hatch on the command pods, is this something we can implement in .dae files? AFAIK it seems to be in the model file, it\'s not in the .cfg. If so, this thread needs some updating Have you checked your textures? i.e. made sure textures are in there places, model is assigned the texture, texture format. I know it\'s been a week, but hopefully either you figured it out, or you found this useful!
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