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  1. Version Updated to KSP 1.4.4.
  2. Since nobody minds, I stop updating it on SpaceDock.
  3. Version Updated to KSP 1.4.4.
  4. Version 1.10.2 Updated to KSP 1.4.4.
  5. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Every American spacecraft too. I meant the boosters of course.
  6. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    More Kerbal. Soviets never used toxic fuels for manned missions. NASA did. Titan II GLV used toxic Aerozine 50 / N₂O₄ and made 10 manned missions.
  7. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Rockets from Plesetsk are launched over such populated areas? Where do the stages fall? I thought they launched to the north.
  8. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Today’s Soyuz launch live http://www.tvroscosmos.ru/5129/
  9. While the Principia UI looks good on a 2560 × 1440 screen like in the screenshots of the OP, on smaller screens, it eats just too much space off the screen. I’m trying now to add an option to make the mod’s UI more compact. Step 1 I’ve done is adding the Blizzy’s toolbar support. Using the Blizzy’s toolbar, the player can keep the main Principia window hidden most of the time, and thus, save some screen space. The buttons are: top row in the screenshot above (from left to right): switch Principia GUI on/off (doubles the AppLauncher button); show/hide the Settings (main) window; show/hide the Plotting frame selection window; show/hide the Flight plan window; bottom row in the screenshot above (from left to right): select target celestial; select target vessel; toggle patched conics; toggle sun lens flare. Any ideas of what other buttons could be added? A possible Step 2 (not implemented yet) could be compactification of the Plotting frame selection window, because this is too sparse. I believe, it could be as tiny as in this sketch: (with the mode descriptions in tooltips). You could just keep it on the screen not bothering to hide it every now and then.
  10. Teilnehmer

    SSTO to laythe and beyond

    Cool! Could you please share the craft file? Your dropbox link at the youtube page doesn’t work (access denied).
  11. Here and in Critical Temperature Gauge, I use the KSP version as the first three components of the mod version. I consider this convenient.
  12. Teilnehmer

    [1.3.1] Realism Overhaul v12.1.0 [29 Apr 2018]

    There is a bug: in editor, when crew is added to a command pod, the mass of the crew is added to every part of the vessel in the MechJeb reading. I thought it was a MechJeb bug, but in the MechJeb bug tracker, they said it was not. Could anyone investigate this?
  13. Teilnehmer

    can someone explain ISP?

    Thrust is how fast a rocket of unit mass can accelerate per second. [kg (m/s) / s] = [N] Consumption is how many kilograms of fuel you expend per second. [kg/s] Isp is how fast a rocket of unit mass can accelerate per kilogram of fuel. [kg (m/s) / kg] = [m/s]  Isp = Thrust / Consumption.  
  14. Teilnehmer

    Two-launch scheme for manned Lunar mission

    Not so big? :O
  15. Teilnehmer

    Have I reached the end?

    And then return home and install Realism Overhaul!