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  1. Yes, they seem to do it pretty well. The key thing is to place a precooler immediately onto the engine with no parts in between. So in my craft, the left-side precooler is placed onto the rear engine and the right-side one onto the front engine (which is placed backwards and has thrust reversion). KerbalX is down now for some reason, so here’s the craft file.
  2. David craft Max speed: 729.4 m/s Max altitude: 30 488 m Water landing
  3. Also, I need a couple of phrases translated into Spanish and Chinese for the settings window localization: ‘Dock gauge to altimeter’ ‘Gauge scale’
  4. Sorry for the delay. Version Updated to KSP 1.8.1. Using ToolbarController. ‘Dock to altimeter’ option added. Scaling support added. Textures redrawn. New dependencies! Click-Through Blocker Toolbar Controller
  5. No, AutoActions can’t do that. It’s for triggering existing action groups at launch.
  6. Since this feature is already implemented in LinuxGuruGamer’s TrimIndicators, I’m not adding it here. Version Target .net framework changed to 4.8. Updated to KSP 1.8.0.
  7. There are many mods in the CKAN list which have an excessively optimistic MaxKSPVersion = ‘any’ setting. Most of them however are not compatible with KSP 1.8, and it’s not convenient to have them visible by default. What could be done with that?
  8. What if the commercial vehicles are not ready by this time?
  9. That’s interesting! Can I see this? Does you craft accumulate kinetic energy in rotating parts like this one or does it use a different technique?
  10. Why can’t a helicopter be used to rescue the crew?