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  1. Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Есть посадка! Successfull landing! https://blogs.nasa.gov/spacestation/2017/12/14/touchdown-veteran-space-travelers-back-on-earth/
  2. What is the point of lowest elevation on Tylo? Kerbal Maps do not show one.
  3. Flyby-only grand tour

    Could you elaborate / demonstrate what you mean?
  4. Flyby-only grand tour

    I don’t quite understand. The inclination can be changed during a fly-by. Of course, there are lots of constraints how it can be changed. But it’s not obvious for me why the challenge is impossible in the stock KSP (letting alone the butterfly effect mentioned by@MinimalMinmus of course). And what’s different in the real Solar system?
  5. Sundae Lifeboat

    Would you mind showing your craft?
  6. Sundae Lifeboat

    Here, I’m doing an unpowered landing at the KSC runway with almost full tanks. It’s not super-easy, but it’s OK, and nothing’s broken. Moreover, the thing is equipped with two Juno jet engines for powered landings. Here, I’m trying to take off and then land using the jet engines with almost empty tanks. Well… not a perfect landing though… The landing speed is about 70 m/s. It could be lower in the second video with empty tanks if I was landing more accurately — the take-off speed is about 50 m/s.
  7. Sundae Lifeboat

    I press the button, enter the album code, and get the following:
  8. Flyby-only grand tour

    Could you please share your considerations?
  9. Sundae Lifeboat

    For example, you can lift it inside a big fairing using a rocket. Sundae Lifeboat Rocket on KerbalX
  10. Sundae Lifeboat

    Btw, how to embed an Imgur album to the post? I tried but failed.
  11. Sundae Lifeboat

    Sundae Lifeboat Craft file on KerbalX A stock lifeboat that can deliver a crew of 11 Kerbals from a station in a low Kerbin or Mun orbit or from a Minmus surface base. Pretty stable during reentry. Can either land on a runway or splashdown. m wet = 10.550 t m dry = 8.385 t Δv vac = 379 m/s dimentions: 7.9 m × 5.0 m × 3.3 m crew: 11 Kerbals https://imgur.com/a/n07NE
  12. Flyby-only grand tour

  13. Version 1.9.3 Exception on Editor to Flight scene change fixed. After a scene change from Editor to Flight, the editor OnGui method keeps being invoked for some reason while the EditorLogic.fetch object is set to null. I’ve added a null check. It should be OK now.
  14. The Alpha Delta Challenge

  15. The Alpha Delta Challenge

    Multi-stage vessel with Δv = 4117 m/s. TWR (surface) never drops below 9.47. αΔ = 38988