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  1. You’ve accidentally written Pol’s radius instead of its equatorial circumference.  Pol   276460   13823   231   4 
  2. ShipConstruction.GetSavePath(EditorLogic.fetch.ship.shipName) kinda works, but doesn’t work with ‘Auto-Saved Ship.craft’ or when the user renamed the craft file manually. Is there a way to get the actual file path which the current craft was loaded from?
  3. Hi @SkiRich! Could you please describe your scenario in more detail? Currently, the mod works only at the moment of launch. It cannot respond to in-flight events such as action set switching, staging or (un)docking. It also cannot be applied to subassemblies. I have been thinking about adding event-based automatic actions though. Or, maybe, it would be better to implement it in another mod keeping this mod dumb and simple.
  4. Version ‘Ignorance’ Ignoring parts by name added. Both internal part names and display names can be used. In the module ignore list, module names can now be written without the ‘Module’ prefix. Performance optimizations for ignored parts and non-active vessels. Please report bugs!
  5. @KIMCHI, Could you please clarify, what XE-0025 Radator is (a part from some mod?) and how many of them you have on your craft. I tried different stock radiators and other parts and could not reproduce a significant FPS drop. On my computer, FPS depends significantly on part count and state (retracted/extended radiators) and very slightly on the presence of the mod: 8 radiators retracted 8 radiators extended 144 radiators retracted 144 radiators extended 576 radiators retracted 576 radiators extended Critical Temperature Gauge not installed 60 fps 60 fps 27 fps 20 fps 10 fps 4 fps Critical Temperature Gauge installed, radiator module ignored 60 fps 60 fps 27 fps 19 fps 10 fps 4 fps Critical Temperature Gauge installed, no ignored modules 60 fps 60 fps 26 fps 19 fps 10 fps 4 fps
  6. Version ‘Independence’ I realized, that I, indeed, can make all the dependencies optional! No more dependency on Module Manager. Click-Through Blocker and Toolbar Controller are no more hard dependencies. Click-Through Blocker and Toolbar Controller are still supported if installed. Blizzy’s Toolbar is supported, but only if Toolbar Controller is installed. Other improvements: I fixed a silly thing I didn’t realize to happen — spamming craft files with useless PartTemperatureState modules. Now, the legacy GUI initialization happens before the flight starts, so it can’t hang up the game at the most unexpected moment anymore. No performance improvements yet.
  7. Thanks for the report. I’ll look at this. As a temporary workaround, try activating the ‘ignore parts with following modules’ option with the ‘ModuleActiveRadiator’ module name: BTW, what exactly is XE-0025?
  8. This deserves to be done in Principia n-body orbital mechanics!
  9. Progress cargo ship launch in 7 hours. 2020-04-25 06:51 Baikonur time 2020-04-25 04:51 Moscow time 2020-04-25 01:51 UTC 2020-04-24 20:51 Houston time
  10. I’d prefer full-sized engines, like in RO, but covered. Aircraft would be much less cheaty this way. One wouldn’t be able to make a plane with an engine nozzle sticking out from the cabin or a fuel tank. Say,