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  1. What about the TWR in between? One can build a 3-staged lander with a big high-TWR middle stage and tiny low-TWR 1ˢᵗ and 3ʳᵈ stages just for the score. I’d suggest a score system based on the max TWR during the flight.
  2. Here, I used elliptical orbits for two purposes: – splitting a huge burn for efficiency (also, the shorter the final burn is the easier it is to recapture), – cheap inclination change in Ap. – Launch n days before the transfer window. – Make a node, move it n days ahead, fine tune the node for the transfer. – Keep pressing the minus-orbit button until the node is less than an orbit ahead. – Reduce the Δv of the node so that the target orbit is elliptical and the time between its Pe and its Ap is n/2 days. Launch Window Planner shows the Injection Inclination.
  3. @Hotel26, does my entry meet the rules?
  4. Payload: 2 250 kg (Hitchhiker Storage Container — 2 070 kg, 4 kerbals — 45 kg each, no inventory) TIB: 19 482 kg (wet), 3 160 kg (dry) From MechJeb, I used only node editor.
  5. Could you please explain what this means? If I don’t have to do any corrections after TIB separation, can I leave the Hitchhiker Container with no propulsion at all?
  6. I don’t hate Dres at all. I hate Ike instead. Btw, in Toki Pona, ike means ‘bad’.
  7. I wanted to use the OnVesselRollout event in my mod to do stuff only when the vessel is at launch, but discovered that this event is not triggered after a Reverting to Launch. I’d prefer identical behavior for the first launch and relaunches. How can I detect that a Reverting to Launch has happened?
  8. Version 1.11.4 Fixes: Revert to launch bug fixed. ModuleAutoAction is always writen to the craft file again. Warning:  Bugs of all kinds are still totally possible. Please report!
  9. I cover my head with ashes! The mod doesn’t work at all when reverting to launch. Unfortunately, the onVesselRollout event does not trigger after reverting to launch for some reason. So, now, I have to revert to the old logic which also has some minor issues.
  10. Thanks a lot! Now, I can add action set support to my AutoActions mod.
  11.    Version 1.11.3 What’s new: Now, you can choose which action set will be activated on launch. (Thanks to @JPLRepo) Warning:  Bugs of all kinds are totally possible. Please report!
  12.    Version 1.11.2 What’s new: Updated to KSP 1.11.0. Added ‘Stage’ button making the vessel stage on launch. Less craft file spamming: only one ModuleAutoAction per file, only non-default settings in ModuleAutoAction, no ModuleAutoAction when no no-default settings. Fixed behavior after the ‘Switch editor’ button is clicked. Some minor fixes and changes. Warning:
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