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  1. Teilnehmer

    [1.6] Trim Indicator [v1.6.0.0 — 2018-12-28]

    Sure. By the way, currently, the position of the number depends on the value non-linearly. Should the arrows move the same way or should they move linearly?
  2. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Why don’t they use telescopes for watching rockets in flight like here?
  3. Teilnehmer

    [1.6] Trim Indicator [v1.6.0.0 — 2018-12-28]

    Version Updated to KSP 1.6.
  4. Version 1.10.6 Updated to KSP 1.6.
  5. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    S7 must have hired Kerbals as pilots! Who else would accelerate towards the station using the main engines during such a close rendezvous?
  6. Teilnehmer

    This Day in Spaceflight History

    Today is the half-century anniversary of Apollo 8, the first manned flight to the Moon.
  7. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Russian EVA Live now http://online.roscosmos.ru/
  8. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Live from Baikonur starting soon http://online.roscosmos.ru/ Launch of Soyuz MS-11 with ISS-58/59 expedition onboard: Oleg Kononenko, Roscosmos Anne McClain , NASA David Saint-Jacques, Canadian Space Agency 2018-12-03, Monday Moscow time   UTC   Launch live start 08:40 05:40 Liftoff 14:31 11:31 Docking live start 20:00 17:00 Docking 20:35 17:35 Hatch openning 22:45 19:45 Crew videoconference 23:30 20:30 Live end 23:35 20:35 NASA Live: https://www.nasa.gov/nasalive
  9. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Raptor is not a kerolox engine.
  10. Teilnehmer

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    As far as I understand, here, https://youtu.be/PzLBGGsOOps?t=617 Aleksandr Medvedev says it’s a fragment of on-board cam footage:
  11. Teilnehmer

    ModuleManager – ‹module-1› OR ‹module-2›

    Sorry, I don’t quite get it. What the resulting patch will look like?
  12. Teilnehmer

    ModuleManager – ‹module-1› OR ‹module-2›

    And why should I remove [*] in the second code block only?
  13. Teilnehmer

    ModuleManager – ‹module-1› OR ‹module-2›

    Could you please explain? As far as I understood, @NODE[*] edits all NODEs containing a Name key, but I haven’t found in the documentation what exactly @NODE without [*] edits. What’s the difference?