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  1. All four Fuel-Breakers (kb-fuel-breaker1, kb-fuel-breaker15, kb-fuel-breaker2, kb-fuel-breaker3) and changing sign on 1.0 value - config says it's "Up X" - of node_stack_top with node_stack_bottom. It adds pixel-hunting during construction, as with most two-node thin parts (surprisingly stock stack decouplers are not affected despite having nearly same values), but it's more than compensated by not needing to pixel-hunt as severely as with clipping during flight.
  2. Fuel flow breakers seem to have their top and bottom nodes switched, resulting in clipping and needing to pixel-hunt (depending on tank) the breaker to toggle them in right-click menu. Switching the nodes in the config fixes the issue - it no longer clips, instead sitting between the parts in the stack. P.S. Having a fuel sensor be able to trigger FFBs directly (like "trigger FFB attached to this tank") would be great for career, too - by the time I get to custom action groups, which are almost-required to use automatic longer FFBs, I no longer need to build noodle rockets where CoM shift from fuel use would be an issue.
  3. How can IR parts be removed from regular categories, but kept in the additional Robotics Parts category? With it I find them being in regular ones too both superfluous and cluttering.
  4. If you excuse me, I shall leave a list of things I found grating in your otherwise good-looking mod. The point at the end of all "Manufacturer" details in the new parts: no stock part has it and it juts out, and with the general feel I've got about the mod, an exclamation mark would work better there, as per bombastic presentation of the whole brass-and-wood steamworks aesthetic. Badly done attachment points. A lot of the parts have three when they really should have two - or in case of the LAS rocket, one (also, it would be better as a stylish alternative to sepratron with radial attachment instead of the current point). One of the separators has a point too deep and as a result z-fights with the bottom of the wooden pod. Some of the heat shields lack snapping to the attachment point both in regular and in mod-held mode (there ARE parts that only snap to point with Mod key held). Lots and lots of inconsistent capitalization and word separation. The new "fuel" resource (which I don't agree about, more below), for example, is variously written as "Whale Oil", "WhaleOil", and "Whaleoil", and a lot of descriptions start out uncapitalized, and solar sail-used resource is full on "solarthrust", and boosters are capitalized as "GunPowder". Here also go capacity values in description which are sometimes doubled, are superfluous (since UI shows the amount already) and don't match that value. A plague of ellipses. They don't work as dramatic pause in the descriptions. They only make the text look like the writer didn't know what to place there. Typos: like heatshields being misspelled as "sheild" half the time. Extra resources. KISS applies there - while I get that you likely wish to keep your parts and stock separated, there's very little point in having additional resources for managing when they're functionally nigh-identical to existent ones - whale oil and nitrous oxide can be rolled into liquid fuel and oxidizer, respectively, with no loss of functionality (but some loss of style unless a mod arises that allows renaming fuel on per-part basis while keeping the actual fuel property intact), for example. On the "pod" wooden parts, wood texture is distorted relative to the "open barrel" wooden parts, and hatch texture is extremely crisp in comparsion, resulting in a bad look. Reducing resolution of the hatch texture would help there. Maybe it's KER glitching, but a single large gunpowder booster results in considerably higher delta-V than a single BACC solid fuel booster at the cost of very small reduction in thrust/weight ratio for the same payload.
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