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  1. THE WAR IS UPON US, A WAR THAT WILL BREAK ALLIANCES... THIS IS A WAR THAT WILL DESTROY ENTIRE NATIONS-EAT ENTIRE CONTINENTS... THIS WAR IS THE WAR THAT WILL SCARE MANY KERBALS INTO FIGHTING FOR IT, THIS WAR IS NAMED... KERBIN WAR I. Okay, so what is KWI? A war between: the United Kerbal States (UKS), the United Kerbal Kingdom (UKK), Kermany, Kaipan, Elismur and Krussia. How does it work? Well: every Friday the nations will send me a battle plan. Then I will simulate these battles. (ONLY ME!) I WANT TO JOIN! Do you have a Steam account? Join this group: KWI You don't have a Steam account? I gue
  2. That's because this is a beginning thing, if I get a lot of YES! in boll, I will make a set of PC parts, for testing & stuff.
  3. So, I need to know, would YOU like PCs in KSP? Do you want just parts for them? Go HERE to say if you want it or not, stick around to learn more. LEARN MORE What will this mod do? It will add parts that will store bits, read bits, etc. What parts will it have? CPUs, HDDs, SSDs, RAM, CPU coolers, etc. Will there be Intel, AMD, Nvidia, etc.? Maybe! Go HERE to say if you want them or not! Cool! I want to know what the license will be and I want to help! License: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Email [email protected] to ask for permission to submit parts and pre-post test parts! That's all! see y
  4. So are you suggesting that I change some of the resources? If so, it is no big deal I'd be happy to change the resources to more realistic specifications! Oh and would you think that I might have more of a chance of reaching more people by listing the resources with a description, I will do that!
  5. Many More Resources (MMR) is a mod for fellow mod developers who think resource development is tedious or time-consuming. You may develop any type of mod with this (as long as it requires custom resources other than the vanilla liquid fuel and oxidizer). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Resources: There are 51 resources, each of them are intended for a specific use and have a small story! Section 1: The Future Resources Resource One: Tritanium Tritanium is an extremely hard material useful for build
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