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  1. Here are some images from my recent missions. -Heavy lifter, upto 50t into LKO and can do planetary transfers -Rescue mission to Minmus. I accidentally hit a stage to early on my lander. And had to send another one to pick them up. -Docking images -Mun base images -Mun escape pod landing images.
  2. I was thinking about this as well. And I have disabled all updating. So when it drops, I'll wait for the mods to catch up. And keep playing the pre U5 during that time.
  3. Good info for when I build bigger! BUT I am currently focusing on miniaturized Probes and rovers. Once i send kerbals into the solar system. I'll go bigger.
  4. Hey all. Hope this is the right place to post. Am on phone. I just started using tweakscale, frankly am amazed I haven't found it sooner. Quick question. I am attempting to build little automated rovers and probes. ---Has anyone had success or can share some tips with using tweakscale to miniaturize rover and probe builds? I was fiddling with it and have not tested anything yet. Advice and thoughts?
  5. Thank you! I'll take a look at this. F1 is not real hard. But being able to time them or sequence them in a proper fashion would be nice.
  6. Hello everyone. I wanted to start a "journal" to document my missions in a single area that I can manage. I will post photos and video eventually. Mainly this is to share my experience, my ideas and builds. Questions, comments and tips are welcome. Same with casual banter! Playstyle: Heavily modified Career mode (Mechjeb, sandbox esq with contracts and tech tree): In essence I like Career mode as it gives the game reason. But I hated starting over, or having to crawl up the tech tree. So I adjusted the sliders in career mode and added a bunch of contract packs and part packs. Also adjusting the part files directly to make it so certain parts are available at start. Mission Statement: To establish a foothold in the Kerbin Sphere of influence and to expand out into the solar system. Creating a network of satellites, refueling depots and space stations. Eventually moving to building sustainable bases and mining operations (mining is something I can't even imagine right now) Current progress: I started out by placing a Space station/fuel depot hybrid into orbit of Kerbin. I then launched the exact same station core I designed to the Mun and Minmus. Currently working on sending fuel tanks and escape pods to each of those stations. I just designed my first Heavy Lifter. Something I am rather proud of, being able to launch roughly 50 tones I just landed a Mun base (a bonafide science lander) that has the capability of house 11 kerbals. Using the Taurus Command module and a Science processing lab. I took a contract that had me totally evacuate my Mun Station and had to do an emergency landing on the Mun (with an escape pod with no landing features accept a chute). Setting my Mun base as the target landing zone. I came in on top of my Mun base, knocking out half of my Solar Arays. But resting snug next to it. In an upright position. I can even take off to Kerbin if need be. With either the Mun base or the the Escape pod. I am now designing an escape pod module and refueling module for my stations I am now designing a landing probe, satellite combo for Duna and or Eve.
  7. The SandraReed conspiracy is up for debate again. Items that fall in line chronologically add up to the leak she dropped. Some follow up to leak after F4 news drop: Original leak:
  8. Def harvested it from Kotaku article. haha
  9. OMG OMG OMG. So I def peed a little when the countdown dropped. And now I need new pants. We have been waiting for this glorious day my friends. Let us bask in the glory of this Post-Apocalyptic universe. Here are some Articles. And of course the trailer itself! KOTAKU: TIME MAGAZINE: FORBES:
  10. I would say $40 is a bit much for how vanilla the game is and how much modding needs to be done. -that is my opinion on my experience- I get the quantification of hours of play per dollar. But in this case, I think OP is referencing out of the box. At that point no one has had more then a few hours of play. -imo-
  11. I started my 3rd or 4th Career mode. Just messing with the tweakable scales to get what I want out of it. Finally got all the contract packs I want. Started launching some bigger ships for the first time. Placing larger stations in Orbit an such. Getting ready to build Bases.
  12. After spending some time designing a base Satellite build and Launch system for Kerbin and Mun orbiting contracts. I put a few sats up, collected some duckets and started planning for a Mun Station.
  13. My partner is the daughter of Global CEO to Macmillam Publishing. My house is damned Library, and any time we go to a used bookstore (the only bookstore type she supports aside from Barnes) we leave with a small library. On a side note, I got a signed copy of the new version of Enders game for my Birthday. Also for the record. Screw Amazon. End Input.
  14. Electronic Medical Records. It is the Gov standard now for organizing and tracking all patient data from point of care to payment. Man. I must say. Stress sucks. It is either Stress from working a hard job or Stress from not making enough money. Or both. I miss working retail many days, I remember just droning out and getting through the day. Especially in a Home improvement setting, all the fresh smells of wood and dirt would be refreshing to me. Honestly after many jobs across many areas. From Cooking, to retail to manual labor. It is about what makes you happy and knowing what makes you happy. And trying to find a balance. That is the most difficult part. Balance. - - - Updated - - - One word. ICD10 Many many more codes compared to ICD9. For people who don't know---- Everything from a splinter in the foot to the finger to having a headache to a broken bone to any illness or ailment. Has its own specific billing code. This is what the ICD10 and ICD9 happen to be. ICD9 is being phased out as it is a smaller list of codes.
  15. Put a recipe in front of me with proper tools and ingredients. I can pretty much cook it. I am no Baker however. The majority of my jobs at a young age happened to be a Cook of some sort. Line cook, prep etc. Was a Pizza chef for a while. Could toss a mean 20in NY style pie.