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  1. Sure, Ill try it out. I am unfamiliar with computer gaming. I have used mostly consoles. I clicked ckan.exe and now have what appears to be a dos window and another one.
  2. I normally just download them to the downloaded folder, unzip them to the downloaded folder and just drag the unzipped file. Perhaps I missed that one. I was under the impression you would get the addons immediatey, rockets and whatnot, ki da like a cheat. So I have to wait until I unlock that part of the tech tree? Normally I wouldn't be a cheater but I'm really struggling with this game. The tutorials are hardly helpful as far as keyboard functions and terminology. It's all very basic and basic is clearly not what this game is. Thanks for your help kind stranger
  3. http://imgur.com/9Eakw6N - - - Updated - - - http://imgur.com/9Eakw6N
  4. http://i.imgur.com/W7dVTBX.png - - - Updated - - - What is the flight scene toolbar? - - - Updated - - - I have the current version http://imgur.com/lhCC0Gq
  5. On the bottom of this page it says "you may not post attachments" under posting permissions - - - Updated - - - Also, why wouldnt chatter be working?
  6. I am playing career mode. I can briefly see them as they load, I think, they are moving pretty quick. Id love to post a screenshot but I don't have permission. Sorry Im new at this
  7. I have downloaded, Chatter, KW and B9 and nothing seems to be working. My KSP is up to date as of this morning. I unzipped and moved to an addon folder I created within KSP. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you
  8. How? It seems like i can only buy it again. Thank you EDIT: I got it thank you
  9. IM trying to install KW Rocketry mod and its not working. It says its for version 1.0.2 which would be a newer version, no? Im supposed to update automatically. Can I update manually?