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  1. The recovery of the debries represents 50% of the design and planning of a rocket lunch.... I really don't think this can be kept away from a game like Kerbal. Even if the Unity engine has limitations different solutions to the problem exists. More then managing teh spaships I got the feeling the whole concept of designing one rocket with 2-3 spaceships is a bit bugged, doesnt' always work (look at mass balance during rocket design) and even when it works it becomes impossible to play both the spaceships at the same time and sometime one get's lost when trying to drive the other.
  2. Hi, after many hours of playing I decided to write down what made me step back from the game. Since I think the game is really well made and addicting, I was wondering why the developers didn't address what seems to be a major concern for a lot of users. It becomes natural after playing at the hard level in carreer mode, but also for a matter of simulating reality, to try to recover the initial stages of the rocket, commonly defined debries. In theory after the last update the engine is supposed to be able to take care of whatever is detaching from your rocket in a range of 20km>, at the same time multiple mods addressed the issue. My question is then, why the developers didn't take it seriously and didn't address the problem? Even a simple solution like the one present in the mods would have been enough... and if it is possible to track the debries (when they have a parachute) down to the launch pad, why then they have to disappear without recovering some of their value? The second major concern is about how the launch of multiple "space ships" is managed. Here I may miss something, but I'm having troubles tracking and managing 2 or more vehicles when they are detaching from the same rocket (manned pods). Going back in the forum there are multiple users rising such concerns, even years ago. It is a pity that no one cared, it is a step back in terms of immersion in the game and feels quite frustrating.
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