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  1. Well I will be looking into making a MM patch to move the Jet packs to a higher tech level. Early career mode EVA should be more challenging. Might move the small handlebar ladder down on tech tree so Jeb has something to hold on. "Wont that be fun "
  2. I have always thought this would be a really useful idea . "Just my personal input" But I like the Idea of a seven point level cap and the Kerbal needs to stay one point ahead in their primary profession over any cross trained skill. A example would be if Jeb starts as a level one pilot he has to take another level in pilot before he can cross train another skill . He could then take a level one in science or engineering or both. But he must take another level of pilot before he can add a second level in either of those slots . Kerbals could only ever reach level five in their primary ski
  3. H.G.R._Home grown rockets and S.D.H.I. Service module Are the two most popular one's I can think of . But I am pretty sure their are at least about four or five more mods I've run across that are still using it ?
  4. Very nice! Updates keep getting better. Those foil tanks sure look familiar ? Single nozzle Poodle is a nice surprise. And the new suit switcher looks great! But since we will be getting a suit rework "Can you please!" finally give us the option to remove the Ugly Parachute backpack while on EVA off world ? And while I am asking . It would be nice to be able to turn on the new suit illumination without the forward spot lights . And since we have new Unity-Shaders maybe visor reflections Anyone ? Notice the real time helmet visor reflections and lack of ugly backpack . I can only hope the
  5. I'll have to try that and see if I can get my old configs back up and running. Thanks for the info.
  6. So doing a find replace for PBR/Metallic and TEXTURE worked great on my old configs. Thank's for the suggestion ! Now part of my older configs are working but 85% of my shaders are using SSTU/PBR/StockMetallicBumped Would you happen to have a suggestion on what would be a suitable equivalent shader ? Or is their some place with documentation listing what shaders are available so a person could experiment with finding a replacement ? Thanks
  7. Yeah that is pretty much what I was afraid was the case . It's too bad I had a full set of windowShine configs working for Restock. Thanks for the info and taking the time to look at this. Thanks again!
  8. So I finally got some time today after work to update the GL shaders with the one's you posted the link to. Good news is new versions of SSTU and T.U.R.D Work great ! Bad news older TU configs still seem to not be working under OpenGL ? Same exact configs seem to work fine under DX11. Maybe some of the GL legacy shaders are gone from the new Unity and still exist under DX11? If the most Updated packs are working maybe it's working as intended? But I am mostly using edited versions of Electrocuter's configs and Vandest's awesome mk1-3 retexture. and they seem to still be having the washed
  9. That is great news. Now I might finally be able to start a 1.8.1 JNSQ career game with Restock and SSTU. I Really appreciate this! I know GL users are a small percentage of players. Can't thank you enough for putting all your time in so the rest of us non technical users can enjoy playing the game. Thank you very much!
  10. I don't even have to check I am still running a couple of 1.7 saves with TU and they are working fine. That build mostly worked in 1.8 under windows "Small Icon Issues" But it has the exact same washed out saturated texture issue as the new build under Linux. I was assuming it just needed a recompile of the GL shaders ? But obviously that's not the case. Stock 1.8 & 1.9 Seems to look fine under Linux for me so if it's unity I don't know what Squad is doing to make it work on their end that's not working with TU? Hope that helps narrow it down. Thank's .
  11. Don't ever recall seeing this particular problem. I remember a few versions of TextureReplacer having issues with helmet reflections when GL shaders were not compiled right. But that would just give you a pink cube. I have been using TU since 1.3.1 and it has worked fine for me through 1.7.3 . I tried deselecting the Custom Editor Reflections And that seemed to work for the stock editor issue. I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this. Let me know if you need me to look at anything else? Thank's again !
  12. So here are the screen shots and the log files we talked about earlier. The first two were on a clean install of 1.8.1 by itself. And a install with only Tu V with Module manager 4.1.3 . The other is clean 1.8.1 with only SSTU . This is stock 1.8.1 KSP. This is with just TU and MM . This is clean install with new SSTU package only. The strange contrast over saturated textures are also what happens to my personal TU configs. Log files https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nxbaqbi0ozb2ha/KSP-W-SSTU.log?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gql7ti5
  13. I will try and get a log and a couple of screens up after I get off work tonight. Might be late I am on west coast time and don't get of until 6:00. I will post this in the TU forum where it belongs. I know Linux is a small percent of users and a pain to support. So I really don't expect much . Honestly I'm worried that this new DX11 camera thing and the new shaders is going to end up breaking EVE and Scatterer for Linux and mac users . Some of the issue may be my old config files but they appear to be Working under windows. I'll be sure to get those screenshots and the log later. Thank's
  14. Maybe I need to go over and post this in The Texture Unlimited forum since it seems to be a TU problem but are the GL shaders for Linux users supposed to be working in the latest version? Mine appear to be just as broken with TU in 1.8.1 as they were in the last version ? Just installing TU results in Over saturated textures and broken dulled stock reflective textures. Seems to work fine under windows DX11. But is still a no go with reg OpenGL or forcing GLcore under Linux ? Cant do it right now. But if you need it I can grab a couple of pics to upload and a log? Just wondered if t
  15. You Mean something like this? A five year old Ven's Model.
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