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  1. Ok I finally got it to work. Thank you for helping me.
  2. Ok I tried I found that folder and tried installing it their, but still, nothing changed.
  3. How are you supposed to install the hotfix then? I obviously didn't install it correctly.
  4. Oh, that one. I tried installing But, i don't know if I did correctly. I installed it by dropping the files into the game data folder.
  5. Ok, I tried to use an early version of ksp (.90.0.705) and I got the parts to connect but no nuclear bombs came out. Is there something else I'm doing wrong?
  6. Ok thanks, I will try to use an early version.
  7. I need help. For some reason all the pieces in the mod wont connect to each other. So that means I cant connect the nuclear bombs to the pulse engine.